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New member here

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by addy, Oct 4, 2008.

  1. Hello everyone! Names Adam, i'd just like to greet everyone before i get started. Just spent some time looking for a bike forum to join and this one got my vote hands down.

    I'm from sydney, full licenced and needles to say am "addicted" to riding.

    My first bike was a red and chrome VTR250 with stain tune pipe that i kept for a year before comming off, followed quickly by a FZR250RR 3LN3. It was a heap of fun before buying my current 06 FZ6S yamaha fazer (100 hp is enough for me). I opted to buy the fazer after a long search and a few test rides (fun ones) including a SV650 (awesome machine, i love the v-twin) a 2000-01 model R1, a bandit 1300 and a ZZR1200.

    I loved all the bikes and i wish i could have all of them but i could only choose 1. Not rich yet. A few of the test rides allowed me to take the bikes through the Royal National Park in sydney.

    My next step is clocking up alot of kms on my much loved fazer and adding some nice mods as it is completely stock.

    At the moment i sometimes go for a ride with a group that meet up in liverpool's mega centre in the car park of crispy creams, and am also looking for a ride that doesn't fall on thursday night and starts in the eastern suburbs.

    Anyway thanks for reading my nonesense, hello to all and ride safe.
    Here is a pic of my former love. Don't see many of these on the roads at all. I'll add some of the new bike soon.
  2. Welcome Adam :)

    Let me be just a teensy bit pedantic; you are not a new member yet, because you haven't paid your $10 once-off membership fee. This entitles you to a slew of discounts with all sorts of merchants, a spiffy membership card, and access to the 'For Sale' sections of the forum.

    But you have signed up on the best motorcycle forum in the country, so that's a big plus!
  3. Welcome to NR Adam
    Membership also gets you into our 'sealed section' :-$
  4. Ok, now i'm a member!......i think, doesn't show me as a member yet though..i'll give it a day.
  5. thanks cjvfr. Clears things up. Looks better too. cheers mate.
  6. Hi again Adam, nice pic!

    {Pssst, looks like your chain needs adjusting :LOL:}
  7. :shock: Now that was quick!
    Welcome to the ranks addy. That's a clean looking FZR.

    PS: I lied about our 'sealed section' :p
  8. very funny, it's true. the chain was about 3 months old in that picture, and had stretched..started making noises too..
  9. Welcome to the forum Adam, get out and about to the coffee meets, rides and enjoy
  10. Coffee meets? Do we ride or drink coffee...i like coffee