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New member here

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Lperezt, Sep 24, 2012.

  1. Hey fellas, new member to netrider here. Originally from Barcelona - Spain, travelling around the world, and now living in Melbourne. I have ridden in some countries, mostly motard and standard bikes. I'm just finalizing my purchase of my first super sport right here in Australia, I have big hopes for this new puppy. I don't consider myself an experienced rider, I think there's always a lot to learn from the person you ride with. And being my first super sport, I will get the chills again you get when buying a new bike and doubled because I have little experience riding this kind of machine, and know for fact my position and skills will suck big time for a little while. So if you see me around doing something wrong please let me know, I will appreciate it! See you on the road!

  2. Hola Perez! Welcome to NR and to Australia.
  3. Hola! and welcome to NR.
  4. Don't worry, we're not exactly shy when it comes to pointing out what people have done wrong ;).

    Welcome to NR, and to Australia. :)
  5. Hello and welcome, I've heard that Spain is a great place to ride. Good luck with the new bike.
  6. Welcome to the site mate :)
  7. Welcome, to Australian roads (shudder) and to Netrider (yay)!
  8. Hola brother! What's the machine - where are the pics?
  9. welcome aboard mate
  10. Welcome to NR. (y)

    Have you moved here or just passing though? :)

    And post the pics of the bike when you can!