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New member greeting

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by OnTheBackWheel, Feb 2, 2015.

  1. Hey guys, my name is Curtis Smith (OnTheBackWheel) and thought I'd say hello. Little bit about myself, been riding bikes since I was little (now 27). Started on dirt, rode on and off throughout my childhood and moved onto road bikes about 5 years ago.

    At the moment I'm on a Cagiva Raptor 1000 and a 2001 Husqvarna WR250. Currently live in Samford QLD and always keen for a ride pending work!

  2. welcome aboard :]
  3. Welcome to NR, OnTheBackWheelOnTheBackWheel

    How do you find it? I was this close ==> <== to buying one ages ago but I went sensible Japanese instead, I've never really stopped regretting it. Could I trouble you for a pic so I can live vicariously through you?
  4. Mate its a pretty cool bike. Sounds awesome and goes like a shower of shit but a little bit let down a bit by the suspension and brakes. Surprisingly reliable though. I'm actually thinking about selling it and going back to sports bike...

    I'll see if I can rustle up a picture for you.
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  5. welcome aboard from another noob
  6. Welcome to NR!
  7. Welcome to NR...
  8. Welcome to the forum!