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New Member - Gold Coast

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by TheDarkClub, Jul 1, 2016.

  1. Hey everyone,

    Finally joined up after taking delivery of my new bike last week. Honda CBR1000RR.
    Looking forward to meeting more riders on the GC.

    Hoping to find some good tips on maintenance and looking after my baby.
    She is a nice step up from my old 650.
  2. Welcome to the forum mate. Lots of good info in here.

    Post pics of your ride once you are able too (you need a min amount of posts before you can) so we all can have a look
  3. welcome aboard :)
  4. Gold coaster here too ... I'm sure you wouldn't be interested in motogymkhana so no point mentioning it.
  5. Welcome to NR from Adelaide.
  6. Will post some pics tomorrow, going to take it out to get some more km's on it to run it in. (66km on the bike so far)
    I will try to find a nice spot to take pics, if anyone has recommendations?
  7. Somewhere outside?

    Hinze dam is good though
  8. Welcome mate :cool:
  9. Howdy TheDarkClubTheDarkClub
    Gold Coast is a beautiful area :) well done on the new bike too!

    If you're bored, hit us up for a ride. There's tonned of places to photograph your baby at - & subsequently put up the photos on the forum :)

    Panorama is the best to showcase your beasty!
  10. Went out to hinze dam around lunch time.
    Took a few photos.

    So tempting to open it up. Have to keep reminding myself that it is run in time for the engine.
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  11. Now that I have posted 3 times here is one of the pics. :)

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  12. Do a showcase item on your bike! :) gosh it looks like the dark, broody & mysterious bat-mobile! Lol
  13. Beautiful bike...

    Welcome to NR.