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New Member - G'Day!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by cougs, Dec 26, 2010.

  1. Hi All

    I've been browsing for a few weeks and must say its a great site!

    Cougs is a nickname - or Cougar (but that was taken) and no, I am not a 'cougar' in the usual sense of the word. Feel free to use either that or Pete.

    A 39yo family man who has just returned to riding after 15 years off the bike (laziness really... :-s ) is me. By day I'm in management in the construction field (an electrician by trade) and I also have a keen interest in footy (Carlton but mostly local) and am a CFA vol.

    Hailing from the SE suburbs of Melb I'm currently on a Hyo GV250 (had it a couple months) but there is a Harley purchase coming in 12 months or so (yeah, I know - a 40yo buying a Harley, who would have thought...? but thats me). Have had a couple other bikes in the past (getting distant now) - an IT490 and an SRX250 road bike.

    Looking forward to learning a heap, having a laugh and contributing where I can.

  2. Welcome Cougs, hope to see you out on one of the group rides.
  3. welcome in bud
  4. G'day Cougs and welcome to NR bud.
    All was great with your intro till you mentioned Carlton :D

  5. Hi Cougs and welcome to NR.

    First a Hyo and then a Harley. Talk about a slippery slope, Still looking on the bright side your mechanical skills should improve. :LOL: