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New member from western sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Pucko, Aug 16, 2012.

  1. Hi there, I've recently returned to riding after nearly 10 yrs without a bike. I started out yrs ago on a 2 stroke rz250 which was a fun little bike. I had that for a couple of years and then had to get rid of it due to being on an apprentice wage, it was either the car or the bike which had to go. Then I went and got all responsible and shit and bought a house, got married and became a dad twice. So after years of wasting far too much money on cars I decided it was time to get a bike again. I ended up swapping my 2nd car(money pit) for an 03 gsxr1000, which I've had now for about 5 months and am absolutely loving it. I'm usually good for a weekday blast on the bike due to having to work most weekends. I'm keen as to do a trackday but just need to get a bit more gear before I'm ready. Anyway, that's about all for now. I'm gonna spend the next few hours reading through this forum.
    Cheers, Pucko.

  2. Welcome pucko

    clever enough not to let your bike licence lapse :wink: (y)
  3. all i can say is - glad to see you're back on two wheel's mate & welcome

    just to be fair to the whingey women on this site - Are you hot?

    taking the piss aside - granted the normal group aren't absolute speed demon's, feel free to join in on the next penrith/blue mountains area run (next run is on theeee 26th !) although as i've just read...only if you can get the spare time from work.
  4. Welcome Pucko!

    enjoy your tour-de-forum (y)
  5. Here's my ride
    By jpucko at 2012-04-29
  6. Welcome Pucko.

    Where abouts in Sydney are you?

    I'm also mainly an evening rider because of family obligations, but I'm afraid you're gsxr1000 will blow my little RS125 away.
  7. Thanks for the welcome. I'm out Campbelltown area. Don't worry Justin , I'm in no way a fast rider, I'll ride with anyone.
  8. Oops! Double post.
  9. Campbelltown.im from bradbury mate :)

    if your free tomorrow im heading to sutherland shire to do the nasho park with [MENTION=38027]buckett[/MENTION]

    would love more company hahaha if your free :) could meet up in ctown and head out? :p
  10. Hi mate, another rider in the area, cool!
    Can't make tomorrow but might be free Friday for a nasho run. Pm me if you can. Cheers.
  11. Hmmm what time do you feel like doing it im thinking a reverse run? (ctown to bulli is so easy) cause im in nowra till thursday or friday...if a good time friday like 10ish meet at bulli? i can head there then we can ride through nasho back and then head back to ctown after maybe lunch at cronulla and a stop halfway in the nasho? :p
  12. Another campbelltown rider, yay. I'm in ingleburn and don't see too many bikes around the south west
  13. OMG...we should have a Campbelltown run! :p