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New member from Western Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by fast koala, May 11, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    New to riding, having gotten my L's last December. I've graduated from riding around the block to actually getting out and about and still learning :) Looking forward to getting involved in some L friendly rides around western Sydney.

  2. Welcome! Seems to be a core of L/P riders around Penrith at the moment. There's a plan for fortnightly L friendly rides around there. Check the thread 87Crisis started - in Announcements - Ride and Event Announcements - NSW.
  3. Welcome fast koala.
    there is a ride from Penrith to Lithgow via Bells Line Of Road this Sunday at 11am. Meet at the car park near the water ski place off Mulgoa rd (near Panthers). Next run , in 2 weeks , is to Picton via Mulgoa, Wallacia ,Greendale and Camden.Both good rides. Suit learners
  4. Welcome Bud - hopefully we'll see you on one of the penrith runs soon enough but until then enjoy this lovely ol' mental asylum like forum...there's also a thread for the Sydney learner sessions run at homebush on Saturday's I believe that you might be interested in as those guys have helped countless riders improve their skills and confidence so as to pass their p's test
  5. Thanks for the welcome. Unfortunately couldn't attend this ride, but will try for the next one. Been to Homebush to check what's happens there, just haven't had the time to get back there.
  6. Welcome, good to see so many chicks getting onto bikes these days.
  7. Welcome, come down to Homebush 4 ur MOST practice (Saturday 1pm) - sometimes there's a L & P friendly ride afterwards.