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New member from Tassie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by JCook, May 8, 2012.

  1. Hi there,

    My name is Julian and Im a 20yo Engineering student at the University of Tasmania. I've been riding dirt bikes since I was 6 but only made the transition to the road early last year. Currently riding an '09 GS500F untill i get off my P's. Joined here as another method of learning heaps, improving my skills and technical know-how.


  2. Hi Julian and Welcome. You live in motorcycle heaven, it reminds me I need to do another Tassie trip. :)
  3. CONGRATULATIONS Julian!! A group of 14 of us mad bikers are headed to Tassie on january 6th next year for your big day and guess what, we're all staying at your place! We'll be sleeping in the hallway, parking on your garden, drinkin all your beer and keepin the neighbours awake all night with our shenanigans. 9 days later we leave, OK with you??

    Seriously though, welcome to Netrider, you already know you have some awesome roads down there so go for a run along Lake Leake road and let us know what you think,

  4. Heya .. what do you think of your bike as a first road bike?? its second on my list behind the cruiser yamaha xvs650A?
  5. Hi all,

    Yeah it's not bad down here for riding, main issues usually being weather and roads in poor condition. Haven't done lake leake yet but I did purchase my bike in melb and ride it back (took my snorkle :p ) through the great lakes and central plateau, was pretty awesome and meant I didn't have to sit at 80 the whole way ;-)

    Some of us UTAS kids had a ride day last Sunday which was awesome. Went up to Mt Wellington and headed down through ferntree, Longly and Sandfly. Gradually discovering the great roads close to home, made some new friends and kept up with a VFR1000 :)

    Thanks all for welcoming me in!
  6. Oh and RE: the GSF. Yeah its been great. Its incredibly unexciting until you rev it past 7k, then it takes off a bit which I guess is good. Won't ever have a rush of power and try and kick you off, very predictable, nigh impossible to lift the front end and has a massive tank so I can ride to and from uni and work every day and only fill up once a fortnight!
  7. Hi and welcome your in the right place.