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New Member from Tassie

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Vanders, Oct 13, 2011.

  1. Hi Guys,

    My name is Paul and I signed up today after looking around for the last couple of weeks. I'm approaching 40 and must be having a mid-life-crisis or something because I'm going to do the MC Learners course and get my MC L plates after 20 odd years of driving tintops.

    I've always wanted a bike, but never been game to get one, so I'm as noob as they come.

    I've got a question that probably eveyone asks; what bike? I hope you can help.

    I'm about 175cm and 80kg. I want a bike with an upright seating position, and I'm partial to cruisers and nakeds. The most I can spend (that is, I'm allowed to spend) is $5K. Most of my riding will be the 2km to work sometimes (which I currently walk) and some weekend rides. I don't need a fast bike, just one that will do the speed limit without screaming, and I'm not into loud bikes.

    I find the range of bikes bewildering, as I haven't been keeping up over the years, and am a little lost. Any advice appreciated.


  2. welcome!

    in your price range, $5k ride away, i can suggest

    naked bikes
    Honda VTR250
    Honda Spada
    suzuki GS500

    Yamaha XVS 650
    Suzuki Intruder 250LC
    Yamaha Virago 250

    you won't get any of these brand new for that price ride away. all can do a commute / weekend cruise (with some thought to a screen for wind protection), cheap to run, won't scream at highway learner speeds (<100km/h) and are all virtually bullet proof (will run into high k's no probs).

    other than that, use the search function and read up on the threads.
  3. Welcome to NR. Nice riding roads there in Tas. :)
  4. Hey fellow tasmanian. Mav is pretty much on the money. Yamaha 650 is s great bike but a touch pricey, even second hand.

    Intruders and eliminators are good 250 cruisers for a few grand.

    L and P plates in TAS are only 80kmh by the way, so you have a few years to worry about anything over that. By then, you'll know better what you want and can trade up if you so desire.
  5. Hi and Welcome,
    I in same boat as you, cant beat the XVs650 Classic, want to cruise around with no fuss. I just had tax thing done and have a few pennies to spare. 5K just aint gonna get me there though. Will haver to sell a kidney. Welcome again and goodluck.
  6. Hi Paul,
    I'm 43, 174cm and 83kg so pretty similar to you. I got my L's and an XVS650 three months ago - about to go for my Ps. Being a bigger bike with a fair amount of weight (around 240kg), it takes a little bit of work to get the slow speed stuff nailed, but nothing some focus won't knock over. Being a 650, it has a bit of grunt and I haven't found it struggling to accelerate up a hill for example. I'm really happy with the bike, I find it comfortable and at this stage I'm not in a hurry to move on from it - funny thing is that there are always other bikes catching your eye, but I doubt I'll be allowed to have a 'stable' though.

    You won't pick up a recent one on a $5K budget - there is a fair demand for them, so they have a high resale value. I had a quick look on bikesales.com.au and there were only two under $5K - a '97 and a '98 model. There are a fair few if you stretch the budget up a bit more though.
  7. Thanks guys. I reckon I'll have to go for a 250 cause I'm in the process of buying a fibreglass Dino replica body for my VW Type 3. There is a limit to my wife's patience, and I'm edging close to it.
  8. There's a good quote about that. Something like:

    "the best bike in the world is the one your wife lets you have"

  9. Welcome in Vanders.
  10. Welcome mate. Tasmanian roads are up there on the list. Good luck on the new ride.
  11. Well, I bought a scooter instead. A 2005 Piaggio X9 250 Evo. I love it. Big frame, lots of go, and didn't break the bank. It's also the most practical thing for me for the commute to work.