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New member from Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by AGR44, Jun 25, 2015.

  1. Hi all,
    Just a brief intro to say hello. I have just got my bike back on the road after a long hibernation in the garage and I'm in the middle of spending way too much money on mods. Glad to be back on the bike and looking forward to some fun here on the forums :)

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  2. Welcome aboard !
    Good to hear getting back on to 2 wheels.
  3. Welcome back. What kind of bike do you have
  4. 2001 Yamaha FZ1. Gave it a bit of a makeover :)
  5. Looks good. You should post some more pics
  6. Would like to, but I'm not sure I'm allowed to upload images yet without using a URL? Either that or I fail at working out how.
  7. Really nice. What size is it
  8. 1000. Well 998cc to be exact. Basically the R1 engine from around that time.
  9. Wow. I have just bought my first bike. A 250.
    Where do you go riding ?
  10. The GW250 looks like a great bike.
    I go pretty much anywhere north or south of Sydney (Old road, Putty, Nasho, Macquarie pass), and the Oxley Hwy when time permits :)
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  11. Welcome to the forum!

    With more postings you get more privileges. After 10 ( I think?) you will be able to post pics directly.
  12. Cheers mate. I'm really pleased with it. Love when I get to ride but Times a bugger for me to. It's usually only on weekends. Derrick
  13. Welcome AGR44!

    The 2001 still hasn't lost any of its appeal! Great bike and welcome back to the highway.
  14. welcome aboard :]
  15. Welcome AGR44AGR44 what sort of suspension upgrade were you doing?
  16. G'day and welcome AGR44AGR44. Mighty bike you've got there.
  17. I fitted a new Wilbers rear shock and new Wilbers fork springs. We'll see how successful that was this weekend :)
  18. let us know what you think and the set up