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New member from Sydney

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by EddieJL, Aug 2, 2014.

  1. Hey everyone

    I'm a new netrider member from Sydney. I've recently booked myself in for the Rider Training Session and if all goes well, I'll be another addition to the riding community.

    I've never ridden a motorbike before so hopefully I enjoy my experience on a bike during the training session so I can go ahead with buying a bike.

    I'm a student living at home so another obstacle would be the parents.. have not told them that I've booked myself in for the training course :-O

    That's going to be a fun conversation with them...


  2. Welcome.
    Do what you want to do, not what others tell you to do.

    Riding is fun, those who don't experience it are missing out.

    Your parents will get over it,, mine did.
  3. Haha thanks mate, that also comes into play seeing as I'm looking at getting a 125cc.. who cares what others think right? I live in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney so anything faster won't get me anywhere I go any quicker.

    Ahh, I forgot to mention that I'm Asian and Asian parents are.. Asian. We'll see how the session goes first though.

    Just wondering, is there anyone on netrider that could possibly help with inspecting a motorbike? Seeing as I know nothing about bikes, it'd be hard for me to have a good idea of what to check.. and I don't trust myself to test ride a bike on my L's.

    I did a quick google search and saw a couple of businesses that do inspections but $200+ for an inspection on a $3-4k bike is quite steep.. as a student I'm a bit on the tight side.
  4. I did a quick google search and saw a couple of businesses that do inspections but $200+ for an inspection on a $3-4k bike is quite steep.. as a student I'm a bit on the tight side.

    gday mate,welcome. if your prepared to spend 4 grand on a 125 you can ride away on a brand newy
  5. Welcome, you will either get bitten by the bug or you won't. If you do, consider a good used 250 instead of a 125. Much better IMHO.
  6. Eddie,
    I'm also in the East, and I can help you look over any bike just like I have done for quite a few people here over the years.
    I'd recommend like noted above, if you end up buying, buy a 250cc machine.

    It will be more usable and easier to sell when you are either over it, or upgrade.
  7. Thanks guys for the advice, I did do a lot of research and I was pretty much set on a CBR250R. I'd rather a modern EFI, 4stroke, whatever makes it as reliable as can be.

    I've seen some around for about 3.5-4k and then I saw a couple of YZF-R125's pop up on a few sites and I must admit... putting power side, the R125 looks absolutely gorgeous in my eyes compared to the CBR.

    Couple of them are around the 3.5k mark which people would think would be stupid to buy a 125cc over a 250cc for the same price, but gotta love what you ride, right? In my eyes, it's just too damn pretty, and it's not like its rated badly in terms of handling etc.. minus the turning circle.

    Hoping to stay below 3.5K on the bike alone. I'm just not fond of that underwear shaped front light of the CBR..

    Thanks TWEET, I'll make sure to PM you after my training session so we can discuss the inspection part a bit more, as long as I get bitten by the bug.

    Oh, and I have no intention of upgrading just because I get to my P's or something, if it gets me through the Eastern Suburbs fine, I'll keep it til full license.
  8. Hey Tweet, I was wondering if I could have a chat with you but I can't seem to create a conversation with you at all. If you could message me or something that would be great :) Cheers
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  9. Eddie, I can't PM you.
    Check your profile settings to see if u have disabled private messages.
  10. I've checked and everything seems to be normal, it says I'm accepting conversations but doesn't seem like the conversations page has anywhere for me to create one.

    Not sure what's wrong with my account...