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New member from Sydney Ryde area

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by WobblyDoinkBoink, Feb 8, 2011.

  1. Hello everyone,
    New member from Sydney Ryde area.
    Nice to meet you all.

  2. username of the year, so far :LOL: (y)

    Welcome to Netrider :)
  3. Hey Wobbly!

    How long have you been riding? What have you got?

    You should come along to the learner session in Homebush. It isn't too far from Ryde.
  4. Very interesting username, im still scratching my head wondering if you named yourself after your bike riding abilities or your other extracurricular activities lol.

    Welcome and hope to see you on one of the rides.
  5. Welcome, Wobbly-bits!
  6. coolest . name . ever! (simpsons comic man said so!)

    welcome to the forums - i'll be back in sydney in the next two weeks - lets go riding soon :D

    what sorta bike you on?
  7. sniff sniff......lowercase I smell a group ride cookin :).
  8. Many thanks for the welcomes, glad you like my username, 3 strange words popped up thinking of my username and use all three of them, hee hee
  9. Hey djay,
    Riding since Sept'10, I have fully restored Honda VT250F2 1985, restoration took 3 months without a bike, and just finished last week.
    Thanks for the invite and quite happy to come along to learner session if this is social thing, I already had my red P Nov '10 :D
  10. lol, I had a mental blank while creating username, these 3 words keep coming up so yeah, it probably reflects my riding and other activities:D
  11. Thanks, and riding sounds goood, it's a restored Honda VT250F2 1985, will post photo

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  12. G'day Wobbler


    Fun Ha!
  13. i ride in Ryde...ironic?


    enjoy the ride
  14. Any relation to Pobblebonk?

    Unless she's just gotten married, in which case that would now be Pobblebonk Hasselhoff.
  15. Actually no. That's just a cooincidental aligning of a verb and noun.

    It would be ironic if you chose to drive while your bike was on a trailer attached to your car WHILE you were in Ryde ;)


    Fun Ha!
  16. Hello OMG, thanks, alot of fun here:D
  17. Nah, she's in Brissy, I'm in Syd, though would be nice to be friends, hey. Pobblebonk, ha ha, what a username, lol=D>
  18. Smarty pants. You obviously listened in your english classes, most just listened to Alanis Morissette :p.
  19. G'day Wobbler, That pic looks like a top Ryde.