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New member from Sunny Coast

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by frayed_sanity, Nov 11, 2015.

  1. Just registered. Haven't had a bike for about 7 years now, but the bug is biting hard! I'd really love to get another bike - a nice meaty V-Twin - I was thinking SV-1000 naked, with me being 6' 6" and all. I test rode one around the same time I sold my last bike and it had amazing torque and mojo, which I loved.

    Sold my zx6r to get a car to "fit-in" with my mates...Never doin that again...

    Anyway, I hope to learn lots here and maybe even get to go on a few group riding sessions...
  2. Welcome to NR - better let folk who where you if want group riding sessions.

    New here myself - good resources and advice to be had. Enjoy getting back on two wheels
  3. Welcome mate.

    Great roads on our doorstep.
    What part of the coast are you from.
    I'm in Buderim.
  4. Howdy & Welcome to NR!
  5. I'm down in Redlands - just back to QLD after 18 years, so don't remember my way around much at all. Only really been out to Canungra, Jacobs Well and around Mt Cotton so far, but shall definitely be looking to explore further. Need all sorts of practice.
  6. Cheers guys, yes one day I want to get back to bikes. Real life - bills/mortgage + all that other crap, get in the way.

    I live in Yandina atm but when I used to ride I would meet people at Caltex in Bli-Bli and we'd all go from there, usually through eudlo and palmwoods and then beerwah and out to woodford, and up Mt Mee. I've been as far a Mt Glorious, which wasn't that "glorious" because of the crappy road surfaces up there. However the roads from Mt Mee and Peachester were a stack of fun.

    I am not up with the laws regarding group rides, and haven't yet taken the time to search here very much regarding this. I did check the appropriate forums for any information though.

    I am asking this: If, when I do get a bike, how many people are able (in QLD) to ride in the group without the cops harassing us due to shamble spewman's (Cambell Newman's) stupid VLAD laws. You know, cos I'm in a bikie gang and all (sarcasm intended).

    I just want to enjoy riding and not be a victim of Police harrassment.
  7. Hi and welcome to NR. I can't answer your question as I'm a Mexican, but enjoy getting back on a bike and hope to hear that some of your sanity has been restored in the process. Happy riding. :)
  8. That's OK Goldenberri, thankyou :)

    I feel that once I do get a bike I will kick myself for not keeping my last one. There have been so many desirable bikes on the classifieds near where I am, and I have lusted after them fruitlessly haha.

    One day though. I look forward to it that's for sure.
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  9. I've no idea about VLAD laws as just returned to QLD. Hadn't thought about it to be honest, but doubt would be much of a real issue unless you were rocking your colours and vest with gang name stencilled across the back. Am sure others here would know better though
  10. Apparently colours/badages or nothing does not matter anymore. Every group ride I've seen from friends photos has cops checking the group out...:(
  11. I wouldn't worry too much about those laws mate. Just ride. I'm out most weekends and never get hassled.
  12. Thanks man. When I can I will :)
  13. Welcome along! There's all sorts of different reports about the effect of the VLAD laws, but my own personal experiences have been positive so far. Even being pulled over for RBT they have been more interested in the bike than whether I am part of a gang. I've never been asked to get off the bike.
  14. Sounds good Teef. Hah love ur username.

    Been looking at bikesales alot this week. Sadly I think it will be a while before I get a bike. If I get the opportunity to even borrow a bike to ride I would jump at that oppotunity for now.

    A mate of mine let me use his r6 from time to time before he sold it. All I had to do was not bin it, but I also washed it and serviced the chain each time I did borrow it as a massive thankyou to him.
  15. If you're 6'6" there's an old V-Strom down the Goldy all good to go on Gumtree for $3 800. Good Ks and full luggage if you're the adventurous type? It's a bargain because it has about $2 500 of luggage on it, he's really giving the bike away.
  16. Thanks Teef, but I couldn't find a V-Strom anywhere in QLD for 3,800. I am more a fan of the SV1000 or Z1000 as they're a bit sportier, but not crazy like a supersport.

    Gumtree seems to have a few bikes that aren't listed on Bikesales, so I'll keep an eye on both sites to grab a bargin one day.
  17. Appreciate it man :)
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