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new member from SA

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by ricerockets, May 18, 2011.

  1. hi everyone, just thought it would be nice to introduce myself so here goes:

    my name is hau (pronounced how)
    currently 20 turning 21 in august
    i dont have my bike licence quite yet, as im still trying to save up money and also i still have to persuade the parents (mainly my mum) although i dont see what the concern is considering everyone rides back home in vietnam
    my other main interest/hobby are cars, more so the jap cars

    i hope i can contribute to this community as much as possible

  2. Gday Hau

    Just make sure you don't ride like you're in Vietnam & I'm sure you'll be just fine!

    As a new member myself I can safely saythat you'll be spoilt for info on here. I've been reading for months & there is lot of good advice for novice's like us.

    Go through the proper channels of getting your learners, get your experience & hours up & I know you're parents will be ok once they see you're responsible & safe.

    Always remember though, you can be the safest rider out there, but people still don't see you. As a rider you must always ride defensively and as if someone won't see you. Never assume you're visable (however, this concept doesn't translate into the girls locker room. I've learnt from experience!).

    Of course once you're off yer P's, you can buy a 1200CC monster & nail it wherever you go!:wink:
  3. Welcome to Netrider, Hau! :D
  4. Xin chào
  5. Welcome to NR. What kind of bike are you interested in getting?
  6. cheers for the warm welcome guys

    minglis: in the end i want to get the new cbr600rr in the xray colour scheme looks like sex imo haha but im looking at a megelli 250r for my first bike, although underpowered i feel like 16hp is fine for learning haha
  7. Hey man, welcome. Im just out of the city in North Adelaide :)

    Always good to see another SA member.