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New member from SA

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by bear 86, Dec 28, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    Learner rider here from Adelaide! Started out riding a couple of years ago on dirt bike and have recently traded that in for a FZ6R. Having an awesome time on it by the way! This forum looks great too...

    Hoping to meet up with any SA people in the future after learning the ropes by myself for a while.

    Cheers and Happy NY
  2. Welcome in bud :)
  3. G'day bear 86 and welcome to Netrider.
    Best wishes to you also for a safe, happy New Year.
  4. Hey.

    Riding SA

    Most South Australian riders hang there. We organize local rides and stuff... Its super cool. There are very few of us on here. I use Netrider for knowledge and general awesomeness. There are alot of great people on here that can help with alot of things. In fact, I would say if it has anything to do with motorcycling, you'll find the answer on NetRider.

    Why did you go the FZ6R? I looked briefly at it, until I saw the price tag and that is was restricted... Are you still on your Ls?

    Hopefully i'll see you out on the blacktop really soon.

  5. Welcome onboard bear 86. Have fun.
  6. Yep still on L's and if I'd gotten my P's now I'd still have to wait a year to get off restriction. But also I'm 6'3" and the riding position of this bike suited better then say an R6. Until my skills surpass the bike's capabilities, I reckon I'll stick to it. And cheers for the link too, a flowy hills ride would be nice or a bay cruise on one of these warm nights. Stay safe! Peace