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new member from SA-hornet 900 lovers please advise noob

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by dam-re, Sep 4, 2007.

  1. just bought myself a hornet 900..been riding for years..wanted too join this community too find out all about my bike and different parts that can be used aswell as other info..you have a great community here and im glad too be part of it..

    now can anyone point me out where too find the cheapest underbelly tray for my 900 :LOL:
    Daniel :cool:
  2. thankyou H.600...yeah going through the site slowly

    dealer told me they arnt expecting the new euro style 600 in australia..this was from honda world in sa..

    im a older rider being 30 years young not much for silly out of control hooning anymore down with cruizy type bunch if anyones keen for that im happy too oblige :cool:

    if anyones got any other links on good dealers /sites/places too hunt or new gb on the go or in the mix for my baby please feel free too plague my post :LOL:

    got a bit of a idea on how i want it looking at the end of the day..with a underbelly tray/fairing..some carbon twin cans and some mirrors as shown on the next few pics....

    sorry for the rant...bit exited as tomorrow we become 1 :cool:

  3. Hey mate, wow another Hornet owner from SA how lucky!

    You might want to have a look see at my Hornet in my profile.
    I've made a LOT of mods, and have bought most of my parts from the UK & ebay.

    I recommend NOT getting a Powerbronze part, I only ever bought 1 piece of their gear and it was a cheap piece of shit.

    if you're after an undertray, head to www.jesterstrickbits.co.uk

    Funny you were told the 600 isn't coming to Aus...I sent an e-mail to Honda MPE a month ago and was told it WAS coming here.
  4. cheers edgelett...yeah got it today and i must say me likes alot..handles and moves pretty good but im still skuffing in them tyres :cool:

    ok..so any info on smakin out the baffles is there a proceedure..can it be done??

    and any idea on some new rectangle style mirrors as i find the big round dorky 1s mmmm dorky :p

    also bought a tank guard and they guy fitted it crooked...can this be lifted up with some heat..

    cheers for the help :cool:
  5. welcome Daniel.
    Great to see another South Ozzie has joined the madhouse.
    What part of S.A. are you from?
  6. I just bought some generic rectangular mirrors from Bills Motorcycles, I think they were $30 each or something like that.

    Just ask to look at their mirrors book, for ones with 10mm thread, and pick the ones you want!

    As to removing the baffle....not sure how to do that. personally I'd just get new pipes!
  7. edgelett you are full of good info :cool:

    so far what ive come across in this forum is that buying online is the best option..but no definative 900 site..apparently uk are mad for it and usa stock quiet abit stuff..

    onto next noob lazy un searched question..anyone found a site that has the best prices on 919 items...at the end of the day belly pan,cans and clothing is all im gonna extend my search too...

    vossy im up north east way where the gorge runs deep..not that I hit it anymore it being a haven for hazard..but you being southy wouldnt care as you got some nice long roads and twisties too get your fix on.

    cheers Daniel..appreciate any and all help :cool:
  8. Hey dude a lot of Hornet9 owners ditch the stock mirrors for rectangle jobs off a VT250C cruiser. They look great, and bolt straight on. Should find some at a wrecker, I dunno, I'd expect the OEM ones to be pretty expensive from Honda.
  9. I've had my new hornet 900 for all of two weeks now and I am waiting for some carbon rectangular mirrors, stainless radiator cover and fenda extenda from e bay.................It is like christmas when e bay arrives for the bikes :LOL: :LOL:

    I love this bike so much my beloved cruiser is up for sale (was going to keep her but...............)

    If you google search for a hornet forum you get "hornet 919" and it is just a cover for a p0rn site :LOL: :LOL:

  10. Welcome aboard.. :grin:
  11. Thanks guys..you have really helped..the bike is awesome..needs a few bling tweaks and then its perfect..ive read some threads on the front suspension not being all that good..mine just mows over everything that comes across :LOL: yeah really chuffed at how it turned out..was gonna get a look at me harley sportster..glad i choose me honda :cool:

    this looks nice and neat
  12. ooooooh, devil pipes! me like
  13. Hi, Yay! another Hornet owner.. :LOL: I just put a belly pan on my bike, apparently it is generic.. have a look in my garage. It did come unpainted but I got it from Ebay. It came from France. I specifically wanted this one cos it has the 'H' in it! It has lights too, the only one I've seen with lights. :grin: