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New member from QLD

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by tallstreak, Jul 18, 2011.

  1. Hi everyone,

    I've recently joined the netrider community, and have just got the bike learners after 22 years of driving. Currently I am negotiating the purchase of a 1997 EL250 Eliminator, to get alot of practise in with a biker mad mate, before doing the Q-Ride course (not ever having ridden before).

    This forum is fantastic, and I have spent alot of time looking through your thoughts and reviews of safety gear to work out what I need, as well as various threads in the New Riders forum.

    I've got alot to learn, but will enjoy every minute of it!!

  2. Hi ya, tallstreak!

    I agree with your view of the great quality of information on here. I have just returned to riding after many years; in fact so long that it's been almost like learning from scratch. The tips and lessons I have picked up on here have been absolutely invaluable.

    I'm sure the northern weather will make riding a pleasure most of the year round. Enjoy!
  3. G'day tallstreak - nice to have you with us. 22 years of driving - geez! You have some bad habits to unlearn. LOL. You'll be fine. Enjoy.

    While you're prowling old threads, these ones may have some good info for you.
    Cornering for beginners - 101, 102, 103.

    and perhaps these two ...
    Beginner mistakes we can remember making, and riding in the rain.
  4. Welcome to NR & welcome to riding! Its never to late to star, mate! Enjoy.
  5. Thanks for the welcome, links and encouragement. Hope to be on the road soon!!!
  6. Welcome !! BEAUTIFUL bike you've got there. You've got great taste :D
    But then, I might be a bit biased :)

    From your thumbnail pic, it looks almost precisely like my 1988 model.
    Love that they kept the design.

    Good to have another eliminator rider here.
    I'm starting an internet gang called "THE DEADLY 250 ELIMINATOR CREW".
    Be a member? :)

    Enjoy and stay safe!
  7. Pic taken before I gave the bike a good detail. I'll put up a new avatar pic soon.

    I am having trouble trying to track down a service/repair manual for the 97. It has a single seat conversion/compliance so saves on rego...

    A gang member? - why not - should create / add to signature - I'm in !!!
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  8. Welcome to Netrider, tallstreak :)
  9. Welcome to NR!!!
  10. Welcome, tallstreak.
  11. Haha cool. Now time to think of the Deadly Eliminator gang sign. Have to remember to add it to my signature. But have to run, I'm getting my P-Plates today, as in right now!