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New member from Perth

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Cymru, Aug 21, 2012.

  1. Hi guys,
    I am really happy to have found this forum and have been trying to read as many posts as possible - information overload for me at this stage - great to see that there are so many experienced riders out there willing to help out us newbies and fellow bikers.

    I am new to biking, well an old fart who has his full bike licence from way back but has not seriously ridden in many years. So need to brush up on my skills big time.

    My son has just handed me a bike for my retirement pleasure. Hid idea was to give me a very basic bike so the "War office" would get used to the idea and then I can upgrade to something better.

    It is only a Pagsta XP250 (naked/tourer type) and I am not too happy with it so am looking to upgrade to something bigger which I can feel more comfortable on.
    As I am a short bugger (ONLY 5FT 3INS) I want something that I can feel comfortable on in traffic (put both feet on the ground) but which is big enough in capacity that I can keep riding for many years to come.

    I am in a quandry as to whether I should go for a cruiser style (thinking of Yamaha VStar 650 or something similar) or naked/tourer type bike such as Kawasaki ER6 or Suzuki SV650 but not a sport bike.

    I am not looking to be going like a bat out of hell but want something for pleasure riding round town/suburbs and occasional country rides.

    Any advise would be appreciated.

    Also, can anyone recommend a good bike instructor in Perth to help me brush up on my riding skills.
    Do any groups meet in Perth to help/socialise newbies like me.

    Many thanks once again for a great forum.

  2. Welcome, boyo, glad to have another venerable rider in our little clan :LOL:
  3. Welcome to NR. (y)

    & the V-Stars ROCK. :p
  4. From one old fart to another, welcome aboard
  5. Love the V-stars, and welcome to a fellow WA'er.