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New member from nw nsw

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by icestorm, Sep 3, 2010.

  1. Hey guys and girls, Just got my learners today and my new bike FZ6R Raven colour.
    I have been driving for about 15 years now , always wanted a road bike but until now never seemed to get around to getting my bike licence.
    When i went and picked the bike up and was out the front putting my helmet, gloves and new textile jacket(with body armour and a removable waterproof/windproof liner(which seemed like a good idea) it started raining.
    I thought great, first ride on a new bike in the wet, so i took it fairly easy.
    No less then 100 meters up the road from the dealer, i was about 3 seconds behind a car as we went through an intersection, i seen a car sitting waiting to go on the opposite side of the road(we had right of way).
    Now i could clearly see the car and its driver whom i thought seen me when i seen them looking in my direction, apparently i was mistaken, i guess the seen everything else but me.
    Right after the car in front of me went through they came rushing across straight infront of me, The only reason i didnt run into them is because i read in the new rider tips section to always assume that the car will do exactly what it did, so i slowed down ready to brake in the event they did exactly what they did.
    So thanks guys for saving my bike from a very short life.

  2. Welcome mate are the fz6 lams aproved
    Good work on not getin taken out by some stupid cager
  3. welcome to the nutfactory!
    i had some assbag in a cage try taking me out about 5 mins after i got my bike too.

    ride like you're invisible, coz no bastard's looking anyway. except cops.....
  4. Welcome buddy :D. Barely a day will go by someone wont try to kill you, so always be vigilant... alert but relaxed like ;).

    As question above... FZ6R? Not on the LAMS list.
    Got it restricted somehow?
    (current LAMS listing)
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  6. Welcome mate
  7. Good work icestorm. Sounds like you'll do well. any good roads up your way?
  8. Not around here no, its dead flat and most roads are pretty straight.
    Have found only 1 road that is a bit twisty but some of the best parts have loose gravel on the road from repairs.