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New member from Newcastle

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by Plunderer, Jun 22, 2016.

  1. Hi Everyone. Got back into biking after a 20 year hiatis a few years ago. I have been riding a DR650 until today, but if the stars align I will be riding home from Melbourne on a new naked bike this Thurs. Should be used to the new bike by the time I get home ☺. Not entirely sure I've chosen the best time of year to do it though.

  2. nice one. you'll be wanting a windshield by the time you get back up here lol.
  3. welcome to the forum mate. What naked bike are you hoping you will get once the stars align?
  4. welcome aboard :)
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    I will post pics and let you know when I get it. (a) Don't want to jinx myself and (b) have to generate interest in my first post somehow

    It does have a small sports one. Not sure if my 6'3" will fold up behind it though.
  6. Welcome mate :cool:

    You keeping your DR?
  7. Great time of the year for riding mate hahah the word naked and winter go so well together mix it with Melbourne and you cant lose lol , hows the thermals and heated hand grip situation ?
    Look forward to hearing your story if the starts align, if its a cool bike I'll hit you up for a cruise in Newcastle and the surrounds if your interested ?
    P.S. How cools tennis ;)
  8. Welcome to NR...

    Tell us more when you get the bike

  9. Not if I want to keep my wife as well.......although.......
    Should be on gumtree soon.
    (Bike, not wife).
  10. Ahhh shame, the DR can be a great commuter (which is why I have one) but I can understand about the wifey grief, you could always try the wife on gumtree though ;)
  11. gday PlundererPlunderer and welcome to NR

    you bought in Vic and are riding back to NSW, great way to get to know each other. naked is great. I went naked last month and don't regret it
  12. Woo hoo. Got the bike and here it is:
  13. dude I can't see your bike as there is a scooter in the way... :eek:

    how was your cross-border maiden journey together? congrats on the new wheels - ride it like you stole it!!!
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  14. Just posted actual photo in Travel. Going to be a big day tomorrow.
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  15. Welcome to the nuthouse PlundererPlunderer

    How cool that you've bought new wheels :) many fun trips ahead no doubt!