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New member from Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Neni, Aug 26, 2015.

  1. Hi!

    Just purchased my first bike being the Ninja 300.

    Have had a learner's years ago but forgot to go for my p's and thus resulted in doing the learner's test again recently.

    Looking forward to riding and to hopefully meeting some members soon.

  2. G'day NeniNeni, welcome to Netrider. Congratulations getting your Ninja and Learner licence again - your motorcycle will be good motivation to progress to your Ps this time!
  3. Thanks for the welcome!

    Just currently looking at which insurance to go through. Have been reading the threads and have narrowed it down to QBE and Swann after to speaking to them on the phone. Both are quite similar in price for comprehensive insurance. Just have to have a research the pros and cons of each insruance provider and make the decision on who to go to now.
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  4. Yesterday another new member, KomanoKomano, asked about insurance for new riders. QBE and Swann were mentioned favourably in that thread, particularly for older (25+) riders. Late last year I went with Swann and found their premium to be very competitive.
  5. Yep in the 25+ category thankfully. Only downside to Swann for me is that the premium was over $100 more then QBE for coverage of gear whereas QBE has it already covered. But reading some reviews there is good and bad feedback for both companies. Looks like i'll just have to bite the bullet and pick one haha
  6. Welcome to NR, please enjoy your stay.
  7. That's an oversight of mine when I purchased the policy - I don't have gear coverage. When I started riding I purchased low-to-mid-range gear and wasn't worried about replacing at my own cost if necessary.

    Since then I've upgraded my jacket and this changes things significantly so I'll get gear coverage when I renew the policy. I've heard that gear coverage is/was only an extra $20 but that may have changed.
  8. welcome aboard :]
  9. Welcome to NR Neni (y)
  10. Welcome Neni,
  11. cheers!
  12. welcome aboard
  13. Welcome to NR