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New Member from Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by lonrad, Aug 7, 2014.

  1. Hi Everybody,

    My name is Luke, a Victorian by birth and haven't really lived anywhere else apart from Melbourne. After years of putting up with public transport and expensive city parking. I decided at the end of last year to get a motorbike.

    I was close to having everything sorted out at the start of year, finance mainly. However that all went down the drain when I was retrenched days before signing the paperwork for the finance. Fast forward close to 6 months later, working again and studying again. Just gone through the finance approval process again, hopefully should find out shortly the result. Also booked in to undertake a learner's course at Stay Upright out in Hoppers Crossing in a couple of weeks.

    Looking forward to meeting new like minded people.


  2. Hello Luke. do the course, buy something cheap to bang around at first.
  3. I like minds but I love bodies
  4. Welcome mate! you'll find everything you need on this site.. if its to do with motorbikes and motorcycling....otherwise. its useless. useless i tell you.
  5. @VazRider@VazRider are you sure you haven't built the site up a bit much?

  6. im underselling the site.. coz when he finally finds out how awesome it is.. he will be like.. "omg.. whaaaaaaat? this site has EVERYTHING!"

    its all part of the plann
  7. Just got some great news from the dealer that I applied for the finance pre-approval. Got the approval so now it's just a matter of signing the paperwork and getting my learner's. :happy:
  8. So what will this pre approval buy?
  9. A Honda CB500FA, I'll be doing a fair bit of freeway riding. Plus I'm planning on keeping the bike for quite a long time also.
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  10. sorry only applies to triumph and maybe ducati
  11. lol I got to it before your edit
  12. lol uncle.

    Honestly I the only colour options were red or white, every vehicle I've had in the past has been white. So it's nice to have something than white for a change.
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  13. So wrong - Honda sell more red bikes than any other manufacturer and 85% of respondents to a recent survey say Honda's red is a deeper faster red than other manufacturers.

    Think of all the Postie bikes.
  14. OP why not cbr500r? Does everything a cb500fa does plus u get a full fairing for freeway wind protection.......from memory the posture is not too aggressive either
  15. @VazRider@VazRider I chose the CB over the CBR because insurance is cheaper for the CB, Also I like the look of the CB500 more so than the CBR500.

    Also at the times I'll be travelling traffic tends to be really bad, so there's a good chance that I'll be taking the back roads to uni. Plus it helps too that I can take the back roads from uni to work.

    Also too it's a personal preference. Some of the family and friends that I've spoken too about this all said that a naked bike is a good starting point.

    I was looking at the Ninja 300 last year and was about to get the finance all sorted for that at the start of the year, but I lost my job to an organisation re-structure so that put me back. Which I now see as a positive for my situation.

    Now I just can't wait to do the learner's course next weekend. :happy:
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  16. @lonrad@lonrad yea fair enough man... to each their own.. but you do have it right, the cbr500r is basically the same bike as the cb500f. You seem to have all the parameters under which you would be riding worked out which is good, last thing you want is to ride something you dont really like and end up feeling trapped with it. (unless youre a fan of the stockholme syndrome, in which case.. things might work out better than expected).

    practice your slow riding.. i struggled like hell with that riding at walking speed test..I BARELY scraped the pass. 10.48 seconds to complete the run.. had to take 10seconds or longer hahaha. good luck champ!
  17. @VazRider@VazRider Thanks, I know if I really want to, I could turn into a cbr500r look a like with some after market fairings.

    Where did you do your Learner's course?

    Thanks for the advice.

    Just had to change the date for the 2nd time, due to circumstances outside of my control.
  18. I did my Ls at honda HART in kilsyth... they are alright... parking lot drills mostly. i think almost everyone will agree when i say that you dont really learn anything about motorcycling till you actually hit the roads.. the drills they teach you in the learner test are Barely enough to equip you to deal with real world conditions..
  19. Ah k, that's abit too far for me. Western suburbs so the closest HART would be either Tulla or Somerton, but I'm doing through Stay Upright which I've heard are pretty good.
  20. Welcome to NR...

    Remember to drop by at the sat prac.

    Have you checked out the gear you're going buy? Helmet, jacket, gloves, boots etc.