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New member from Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Shawn_Ang, Jun 19, 2014.

  1. Hi everyone!

    Been lurking for some time since I got my L's. Have done a few posts in the CB400 thread but decided I better check in here before I incur the wrath of some people.

    I ride a CB400, am on my restricted license, and am keen on meeting more like-minded riders for reasonably (and safely) paced rides around Melbourne.

    Have done Kinglake, Yarra Valley and GOR so far. Did Melbourne to Port Campbell and back in one day, in the wet and fog, a fortnight ago. Not funny, won't try that again.

  2. Ok we'll let you off , just don't do it again ok?
    Now back to the CB400 thread with the rest of the dicks that ride those things.
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  3. that's not very nice.
    hey Shawn, is your sister hot?
  4. The biggest dicks of all ride the ABS version...:whistle:

    I'm sure they must be. They live in Singapore, where I was born. Everyone is hot over there, whether they look good or not. :p
  5. Why shouldn't I refer to myself as a dick, everyone else does.
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  6. Ok you pass, don't let it go to your head though.
  7. you must come on the sunday ride soon, we have much to discuss
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  8. And I love Singapore as well, it's almost my second home so you get an extra point for that.
  9. Hang on your Victorian now, I' will have that point back thank you.
  10. I didn't like that place, that's why I've moved here. I guess it's hard for most to appreciate what they've grown up with, and I sure don't like hot humid weather, a repressive environment, and the stifling population density over there. Though I'll admit it gets damn crowded in Melbourne (feels like 60% of singapore at times, though I know the density here is far less)

    Victoria's "The place to be", "On the move", and of late, "Stay Alert, Stay Alive".

    Where else should I be, mate???

    Have yet to go to SA, and have every intention to make a trip there some day. ;) If I'm riding there, I'm sure some of you guys can show me the nice places to ride.

    Uncle Greg, I avoid fun rides on weekends to keep the missus happy. But since I now have no free weekdays to do fun rides, I will try to meet you guys one of these Sundays. I happen to be into photography as well, though nowhere near your level, and certainly never done bikes before.

    I do a bit of underwater photography with a compact Canon, and used to do some random shoots with my Nikon SLRs. Nothing fancy. Maybe I've got a nice fungus garden growing right now, at the rate I am not using them.
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  11. I love Singapore as a visitor, I wouldn't want to live there either. Some of the Vic crew do a run down to SA from time to time, keep an eye out. If you do come this way there are good roads and riders to hook up with.
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  12. Welcome to NR , Shawn ! Happy to show you round the Adelaide Hills if you get over this way sometime. Keep an eye out in the ride events thread , there's various regular rides on different days in Vic - @Uncle Greg@Uncle Greg often leads rides (as do plenty of others) and @Ned@Ned does trips away rides .
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  13. Welcome to NR..

    I think Singapore is awesome but each to their own, I guess.

    ..but as a bike heaven, you can't beat Australia...
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  14. Welcome to Nutrider! :wacky:
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