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New member from Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Pilchy, Jun 10, 2014.

  1. hi guys, this is Daniel, I met some of you on the queens birthday group ride yesterday. It was great meeting you all and finally getting to experience the better side of motorcycle riding, so thankyou guys for taking me! I just thought I should let you know that i got home without any issues at all, and as soon as I got home I slept the rest of the day until I had to wake up from work haha. I absolutely loved the black spur was definitely my favourite section of the whole ride.

    now for those who weren't there, I own a cbr125r and a 500r, i plan on keeping the 125r for getting to work (which is less than a 5 minute ride) and for taking it where you shouldn't see a road bike (dirt roads and tracks, just because it is too much fun), I have been a daily commuter for about 7-8 months now, still on my learners, lazy I know. But it is good to pretend to have it as an excuse if you miss an opening in traffic at an intersection for the car behind you.

    but anyway it will be nice seeing you all again sometime.
    all the best. Daniel.
  2. Welcome Daniel, Sounds like you caught up with a good bunch for your first Netrider run. I had stuff to do in the morning or I would have been on that ride myself. Exposure the the EJ road is a baptism of fire. ;)
  3. welcome mate
  4. Welcome to Nutrider!

    Make sure you get your P's ASAP, or you'll get caught up in the law changes (Sep or Oct this year, I think), and you'll end up regretting the extra time on restrictions. (y)
  5. Welcome to NR.. ;)
  6. Thanks guys :) I ended up turning back at Marysville, so I did not get to experience this Road called EJ I keep hearing about haha, and thank you for that ad-hui, will have to check them out. Does anyone know of any easy going roads to get some confidence up that is around my general area?
  7. I've been a daily commuter for 7-8 months now, I need twisties not straight lines
  8. He's yanking your chain. ;)

    Try Arthur's seat. It isn't really a beginner's bit of road, but take it slowly, and concentrate on getting your lines right (in wide, out tight - read the cornering 101 thread for details). The pace will pick up as you practice over a period of weeks and months. On the road, always leave about 20% of your ability up your sleeve, "just in case".
  9. Hi Daniel good to meet you on Monday and glad you enjoyed your first net rider ride, it beats riding on your own. I concur with Danny ( surprised he didn't ask if you were hot it is his normal welcome, humour) Arthur's seat would be great for some cornering experience. Smaller trips up around Gembrook which is we were also good as this is still not far from Carrum Downs. Hope to see you on another ride soon. Regards Mal
  10. Welcome Daniel,
    Good to meet you Monday. Hope you had fun on the ride.
    Where we rode for the first section of Mondays ride has plenty of good bits to explore. All between the Dandenongs and Berwick to Pakenham.
    Hope to catch up again soon on a ride, if the weather holds up.
  11. I just joined the group today!