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New Member from Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Christopher12, May 21, 2014.

  1. Hi,

    First to introduce myself - name is Chris and I'm located in Murrumbeena, Melbourne - In between Caulfield and Chadstone, for those playing at home..

    I ride a white kawasaki ninja 300.. I'm still pretty new to riding - obtained my L's in October of last year and got my P's earlier this year.... Now I'm counting down the months until I'm off my restrictions.

    Looking forward to meeting the community here and joining along on any ride days or upcoming events!

  2. Welcome mate
  3. Welcome Chris.

    Are you hot? :woot:
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  4. Welcome Chris. Come down to Elwood next Saturday and meet some fellow riders.
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  5. Welcome to Nutrider!
  6. welcome aboard :]
  7. Thanks for the welcome guys...

    NoOrangeLeft - asl?? :p

    cjvfr - sounds good. Is that the 10am skills practice? I'll look to head down and meet y'all..
  8. I thought this phrase belongs in the museum?
  9. you mean the kids of today aren't on mIRC, ICQ, AOL, MSN messenger looking to troll and pick up teenage girls (or pretend to be teenage girls)...... mannnnn, they haven't lived!
  10. That's exactly what I have been saying to them!
  11. Welcome!

    That's one sexy looking bike :)
  12. Thanks mate.. I'm a big fan of the CBR500R too. I love the seating position and engine note.. very yummy indeed...
  13. Asl? I had to go look up Mr Google again....

    Welcome mate. Nice looking bike. You're probably my type haha :LOL:
  14. I reckon the ninja actually looks better than the cbr500... It was merely a toss of a coin in the end...
  15. CB400 looks hotter than both (not really).

  16. Thanks for the welcome guys...
    I'll look to head down to the basic skills session next Saturday, hopefully I get to meet some of y'all...
  17. Welcome to NR...

    The Saturday practice rocks...