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New member from Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Liza, Oct 7, 2012.

  1. Hi,

    I have booked to for my learners in a couple of weeks. I'm very keen to enjoy the summer out riding. I am thinking of a Suzuki 250 Bandit for my first bike?

    Could any tell me about the learner groups around Melbourne I am very keen to join.

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  2. Hi Liza, welcome to netrider!
  3. Hi Liza, what CJVFR said! The Saturday practice is the best way to start - after you have the hang of that you can progress onto learner rides. Once you have your bike of course.
  4. hey! welcome to NR. sat practice is a great way to get started... and theres plenty of learner rides.... if yo're getting a bike soon and want any advise then the forums should help or you could rock down on a sat morning and meet some of the guys 'n gals for a chat.
  5. Hey, welcome!

    Not sure where in Melbourne you're from, but agree with the above - head on down to Saturday practice, even before you have your bike if you like. Lots of NRs there; not all of them learners either. We get together to practice our slow riding and e-braking skills, plus look at hot bikes and have a chinwag. Lots of good advice to be had there.

    Once you have your bike, you'll probably start out by riding in your local area until you're used to it (it took me a month to get out from going around my block, but then I was a bit slow!). When you feel confident, there'll probably be someone in your area prepared to give you an escort to Elwood for practice if you want.

    There's also Sunday Learner Rides to go on once you're comfortable riding at the speed limits. Both learners and non-learners go on these, and you'll get to meet some great people and see some of the best riding country in the south of VIC.

    Then the Tuesday night learner rides; again once you're a bit confident. Now that summer is nearly here, riding weather is getting better and better, plus it stays light for longer.

    Also have a read of the threads in the New Riders and Riding Tips part of the forum. Some good stuff there. I found the cornering threads particularly helpful.

    Enjoy, and hope to see you at Elwood soon!
  6. Hello and welcome, hang around on NetRider and you'll see group rides that are suitable for learners. As others have said the Saturday morning practice sessions are very good. A chance to get a feel for your bike and practice cornering (slow/tight and medium) and braking in a safe environment without traffic.
  7. Welcome to NR

    Are you hot?

    Suck it crisis!
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  8. Hey Guys,

    Thanks for the welcome. I live in the Elwood area so I will pop down after I get my learners in a couple of weeks to check it out. It's great to know there is a group out there for learner riders to practice in a safe way.

    Looking forward to meeting you all!!

  9. Hey Liza, Welcome to NR. (y)

    And as others have said before – The Saturday practise session behind the BP is the place to be. You don’t need to have a bike to come and say hello. Just rock up, check out the bikes, ask questions about bikes, gear etc and generally have fun!
  10. Hi Liza, welcome to NR.

    You are lucky that you live so close to the Saturday practice sessions.
  11. Too quick!

    Welcome Liza! I can't say anymore than what's already been said without boring the tits off you with the repeater.
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  12. welcome to NR Liza, I think Greydog was selling her vtr250 from memory, unless she just cant let go of it lol
    as they all said, roll up sat morn prac session, chat and ask as many questions to suit your needs. Forums here are full of info, in fact, you may get info overload, but eventually it will all make sense :)
  13. eh it happens
  14. Welcome Liza, good luck with your test (y)
  15. Welcome to NR Liza!
    +1 again to the Sat prac. I'm was a complete newbie and I just got off my L's last weekend. The Sat prac made a massive different to my riding and passing my full license!
  16. Welcome Liza,

    Sat morning practice is great.. i started going well before i got my licence and bike.. and it was really great.. even pointed me in the right direction of bikes.. just lil bits and pieces of advice that a pre learner would never even think about.. bikes to think of that i didnt know existed.. etc.. even great deals on second hand bikes.. :)

    come on down and say hello.. :)
  17. Hey babe , o i mean hello Liza ,
    The hot question is standard procedure
    Even the blokes get it.

    But of course you are supposed to
  18. Welcome Lisa you would be only a few bunny hopes to the Saturday Practice then :) As everyone said it's the best place to learn and get great advice :applause:

    Another few weeks mate you will be having the knee draggin around them cones :applause:
  19. ill get there mate.. probably not at st kilda practice.. but ill get there.. :) when there are scrape marks on the pannier bags ill be happy :p

    (that may or may not make sense.. )