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New member from Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by sylvaner, Jun 24, 2012.

  1. Hey guys, just want to introduce myself.
    I'm Jack, I want to start riding so I decided to jump on this forum to get tips and knowledge from guys that know a lot more then I do about bikes and stuff..

    looking forward to meeting some of you.

    Cheers =D
  2. Hello Jack, Welcome. What part of Melbourne do you call home?
  3. Welcome to NR Jack, what do you ride?
  4. I'm from Moorabbin, Vic, currently I dont own a bike at all, I'm going for my learners this weekend.

    My mate works for Peter Stevens in the city so I'm hoping he can help me get set up with a bike but I'm also after some advice from you guys about bikes.

    Should I start a new thread or are there existing threads on picking out a first bike?

    I weigh 60KG so I was thinking just a small Honda CBR125R, thoughts?
    (Just did a search, doesnt sounds like a good idea, too underpowered.. I wonder if the 250 is much more)

    PS, Thanks for the welcomes
  5. Hi Jack,

    Lots of good stuff here, and yes, there's plenty of threads on selecting one's first bike. Best of luck with your learners - who are you training with?
  6. I want to book myself in at motorcycle motion which is on Keys Rd, Moorabbin (if anybody knows that place)
  7. Well, good luck with it anyway. It isn't difficult. Have you ridden before?
  8. ahh well.. thats the thing..
    I have only ridden a few times in my life..
    I used to race downhill mountain bikes though so I'm hoping the balance will come naturally.
  9. Balance won't be an issue once you're moving. I'd never ridden before I did a 2 hour familiarisation course and had no problems. I googled YouTube vids on how to change gears b/c I had not idea how that worked..again, no problems.
  10. That makes me feel heaps better, was a bit worried everybody would start cutting into me about having no experience.
    Thanks for the tip of youtubing it, never thought of that.

    I want to do that course, your talking about, hope it doesn't cost an arm and a leg though
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  11. You'd have to enquire. I did mine at Ride-Tek at Noble Park, but that was 2 years ago, and I can't remember how much it was.
  12. You'll be fine mate - I'm an ex-mountain biker (I still ride road) - there are a lot of transferable skills from pushies to the MOTO world (y)
  13. Hi sylvaner and welcome to NR

    Bloody hell Greydog has two years goven by so fast.? It seems only yesterday you were fresh to the Forums and people were asking if you were hot?
  14. G'day mate and welcome.

    I completed my l's at motorcycle motion last January in 2011. I would recommend that place to everyone. They spend the time teaching you all the basic skills needed to ride a bike. Like someone mentioned here, I had 0 experience on motorbikes before going for my learners and I passed easily.

    A good tip from before is the YouTube clips, but I also went around to a mates house who rode bikes and got him to show me the gears and buttons etc.

    Hope you enjoy this place as much as I have, I have learnt a ton of stuff and then some!

  15. No [MENTION=22523]GreyBM[/MENTION], no one asked me 'cause no one was asking back then. *sigh* Maybe it was considered politically incorrect?? Who started that anyway?

    Not quite 2 years riding since the first course, but less than that on the forum b/c I didn't know about it then. Was introduced by [MENTION=28261]Whitey[/MENTION] when we both attended a braking/cornering course sponsored by the City of Casey (a freebie).
  16. All booked In, 1 4 hour session this Sunday and 2 4 hour sessions next Sunday, can't wait
  17. Welcome to NR. (y)
  18. Welcome to Netrider, the forums here are great for all sorts of information. ive only just got my P's and the best advice i can give is to read Nixy V3's 7 basic steps for beginers riding on roads and Robslav's Noob 101: cornering basics barest minimum good cornering techniques in the new to riding threads. It really helped me after my return to bikes after 20 years. As for the Ls & Ps i did mine at Decca in carrum downs and they were great. Anyway hope it all goes well and hope to see you on the road one day
  19. well hello!

    I got my L's from motorcycle motion a couple of weeks ago, everyone I met there was really nice, and really knew their stuff. i ended up being the only one there for my permit test, they were still willing to come in on a public holiday, as well as stick around to teach me extra stuff. really good.

    anyway, we're local (from Bentleigh East) so i'm sure to see u around the streets. good luck with ur test! :)
  20. dont be scared bud...250cc will be fine...and like yourself i'd only ridden motorbikes a handfull of times (namely trailbikes) over the years and was only relying on my bmx experience ....the learners course teaches you all the basics you'll need to know but some of the reading suggestions others have put up might do some good instilling confidence in you so your educated instead of biting your nails come the time you actually start riding - best of luck mate & Welcome.