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New Member from Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' at netrider.net.au started by bigjugs, Jun 12, 2012.

  1. Hello Everyone, a useful forum you guys have got here. Helped greatly with my decision in getting my XVS650. I had to have it once I got my L's. It's 2010 model in red with just under 3k on the odo. Got it from Yamaha City, guys were very helpful, would go there again.

    I turn 40 this year so this is my mini mid-life crisis I'm having. For those who are wondering what's with the name bigjugs, sorry to dissappoint here. This is a short version of my real name and I do love big jugs ;00) (hope the mods let me publish this)

    okay back to the bike, I have had it for about 2 weeks now and done about 300 odd kays, riding around Emerald, Gembrook, Launching Place, Yarra Junction and back to home. The cruiser was my choice as I didn't want something too fast initially as I haven't been on a bike for 15+ years and that was overseas not in Ozland. The 3rd gear is the odd one for me, the rest gear ratios seem to work fine with me. Enough get up to be competitive on the freeway.

    Is it ok to get the engine oil changed now or shall I wait for the 10k service which may take some time. What does a simple oil and filter change cost on a bike like this?

    I need some more ride days behind me to get comfortable with my bike and the road conditions. I'm aiming to get my full bike licence once 3 months have passed.

    I got my L's from HART in Kilsyth, the guys over there were very helpful too. They gave good survival riding tips, will highly recommend them. I did rode off onto the grass on my 2nd lap LOL.

    Hope to catch some of you riding around the weekends in Melbourne. Safe Riding.

  2. Welcome to the Nut House :D !!!
  3. can we at least get a pic of your man boobs?
  4. Im going to go -1 on Aly's request there!

    Welcome to NR.
  5. Welcome aboard. :) Good to see someone else doing the mid-life crisis bike purchase. I don't feel so alone. :D

    Ride safe.
  6. welcome to NR, I was 48 when my midlife crisis hit, and the man boobs stayed :(
  7. Welcome to Netrider :)
  8. Welcome,

    You are certainly not alone in the 40+ might buy a bike gang; 48 here.

  9. Hi bigjugs, and welcome to NR. I'm so glad you're not female with a name like that LOL (altho the guys on here may disagree).

    As to the oil change - did you ask the dealer where you bought it if they've done it recently already? They may have done, since it's now 2 years old and may not have been serviced since the 1000k one was done.

    If not, it might be an idea to have it done now. Says she who doesn't know a lot, but probably should have done the same when she bought her own bike. As to cost; couldn't tell you.

    Check out the Saturday morning practice thread, and holler if you'd like to come and need an escort (holler in that thread tho, not here).
  10. Welcome bloke :). +1 to the picture of man boobs hehehe
  11. Welcome. XVS650 is a nice bike!
  12. Thanks everyone for your welcome notes. I feel at home already. Remember Gravity affects everything whether its boobs or bikes.

    Will tag along on the learner riding sessions very soon. Looking forward to it.

  13. Welcome bigjugs, we all love a set here and there.
  14. bit lopsided there
  15. If you've got sproggs, I suppose they're called little jugs?

    Welcome to NR. The average age of a learner in well into the mid 30's, so you're in good company.

    By the way, if you're having a mid life crisis at 40... you're having it too early mate!
  16. oil change on the XVS650 isnt hard to do, cost of 4 litre oil can range depending on what brand you want to use. Got a manual for the bike? Got a tray to catch the oil? probaly 17mm ring spanner for the sump plug.
  17. Welcome to NR and the fascinating world of Motorbikes. (y)

    And a good choice of bike there. I myself got the V-Star Custom around this time an year ago. They are excellent bikes IMO (and a lot of NR members agree as well) and a good choice for new/returning riders.

    A suggestion If I may - try to come down to the Saturday St. Kilda practise sessions and have a chat with Doug or Dave. It's a good start for new/returning/experienced riders alike
    and a lot to learn. Trust me...I 've gained so much knowledge from here (still a lot to learn but hey, such is riding).

    Take care and ride safe.