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New member from Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Vinceblack, Feb 6, 2011.

  1. HI to all. Just got my first real bike. Upgraded from a 200cc scooter to a 2008 Suziki Intruder LC 250cc. Love it!!! I hope to learn heaps from this site and I sure I will.
    Safe riding to all

  2. Welcome, Vinny

    I'm sure you're noticing some differences between the two bikes already :LOL:
  3. Hey Vinny, hope you had fun today.....
    Got plenty more roads where they came from!

  4. Oh, here's one of the pics I took of our bikes outside the Woodend bakery....

  5. Nice ride Vinny!! (And Welcome!)

    ...yours isn't bad too Joe :p
  6. Greetings new person :) Have fun out there.
  7. Nice bike Vinny. I got hooked on 2 wheels by riding a friends Virago and thought it was the best thing at the time cause it moved my soul.
  8. Stylish ride man, you must feel mighty cool :)

    I'll come for a ride with you and joe, let me know when your heading out.
  9. Hey Vinnie,

    Welcome and enjoy the bike!!

  10. Welcome Vinny... nice wheels dude :)
  11. Welcome aboard!
  12. Ha ha

    Vince has already upgraded from the Intruder to this brand new V Star...
    Like I didn't know that would happen....hehe

  13. Well, I finally did it.. Upgraded from a 2008 Suzuki Intruder 250 to a brand new 2011-Yamaha V-star 650 Custom. What difference!!!! So much more stability and feel more secure on the road. Thanks Joe for all your continuing support in a new rider.
  14. Love the black custom model, bewdiful! Congrats mate.

    So when does the customising start? :D
  15. Had a look at sissy bars. Couldnt believe my ears when I was told the price. Starting out at $700, but where i bought it from said they could do a deal for $550.. Rather save up and get Vance and Hines pipes...
  16. Hehehe - Hey Vince - love the wheels!!

    You can join me and Jeronimo when we go on rides :p (Once I'm cleared to ride again anyway!!) :p
  17. Hey Vince,

    Welcome. The 650 is a great bike, although the classic is much faster than the custom.......LOL

    I put the V&H Cruzers on mine a few months ago and the difference is huge - you can actually hear the bike.

    The sissy bar's are expensive, and there seems to be lots of different quality options - some good, some bad.

    Hope you enjoy putting lots of Km's on the black beast!!!