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New member from Mackay, QLD

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by camspeed, Jan 15, 2011.

  1. Hey all, my name is Cam and I joined up recently.

    I live in Mackay QLD and work as a boilermaker up here. I've got a GS500E (oldie but reliable) but that is only doing duties until I can get a HD later this year. Here's a pic of the bike and my mates sporty on our failed roadtrip at christmas time this year due to all the flooding. This is just outside Nanango


    As a result of the flooding, I had to leave my bike in Brisbane and fly home, but will be going down again and riding it home in the next couple of weeks or so, once people have had some time to get over the devestation of these floods.

    I also keep pythons, and other herp fans on here?

  2. Welcome Cam! Do you keep your pythons in a Titan shed? Hope to see you around the forums!
  3. hey dude i used to live in muckeye too, about 4 years back
  4. Mackay's not too bad, bit warm in summer though.

    The snakes are kept in the house ;) Here's a pic of my olive python, Murray

  5. bit warm in summer? i suppose the titanic was just a boat too
  6. A warm welcome to you, camspeed .......and to your mate Murray (y)