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New Member From Kurri, NSW

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by PCPete, Sep 27, 2015.

  1. Hey all,
    A simple intro. I now ride a Yammy MT-09. I've ridden all types of road bikes, from sports to cruisers to dual sports and settled for the Yammy. Been riding most of my life, it's the only thing that keeps me semi sane. Can't get enough. I come from out Kurri NSW way.

    I love moon lit walks on the beach...... woops got carried away

    Anyway, enough said.
    Have fun and stay upright,
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  2. welcome aboard pete:]
  3. Welcome Pete, Don't know your area well, what are the good rides around you. Google maps shows one, George Downes Drive a bit further down that seems to have a frisson of twistyness. :)
  4. Yeah that's not a bad ride actually, a bit rough in places but some fun patches. There isn't that many really good ride my way. Most twisties around here a patchy, ya get a good spot then rough for ages then a good spot again.
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  5. Welcome along Pete.
    You're pretty well placed for a choice of lovely roads.
    That'll be fun on your choice of bike.
  6. Welcome to NR...

    We all love long walks on the beach as well...And long rides too...

    Plus coffee and at times beer. Cake is a hot favourite too along with pies. Yep. Pies rock.

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  7. Didn't you see the news story.
    Bikers love ice cream!
  8. Ice cream after pies. Definitely..

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  9. Hello and welcome Pete :) Nice bike, post some pics when you can
  10. Welcome, Pete. Kurri Kurri is not that far away from the Putty Road.........
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  11. Welcome to Netrider Pete!