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New member from Inner Melbourne

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Paronga, Aug 24, 2010.

  1. G'day all.
    My name is Winston, how are you all?

    I like to ride motorcycles.
    I started riding in April last year and have enjoyed ever moment of it. I currently ride a honda ct-110 (aka postie). This is my second one. My first one was stolen. His name was edward. This one was an old unregistered scrap bike that i repaired into working condition. His name is edward II.

    For those of you thinking it's not a real bike....:-({|=
    I ride this beast in all conditions. My brother and I and more often than not, our friend love to go on rides. My biggest one was a 3 day return trip from melbourne to Mt Kosciuszko in feb this year. I went clockwise from melbourne to Mt kosciuszko and back through the south.

    I love riding and hope to join in on the weekly melbourne rides.
    There looks to be a great community here and i look forward to joining it.

    edit: thought i'd attach a few photos!

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  2. just a few more, because after looking back at my pics, i realised i had quite a few gooduns.

    I'll leave it at that, because i could be here all day.
    Anyhoo, Hallo!
    I hope to ride with you all some time!!
    Feel free to ask me anything or whatever.

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  3. Welcome aboard! Seems like there are quite a few of us in the inner city these days. You should definitely think about joining some of the group rides. Edward II might not keep up with some of the faster bikes, but he sure makes up for it with character.
  4. Good effort. well done
  5. you, good sir, are a hero! wicked pics :D

    welcome to nr!!
  6. Welcome!!!

    I've always wanted to ride one of those... :)
  7. Hmmm.. Postie bike, black helmet... By any chance were you heading west on Queensberry St, crossing Peel St about 17:15 yesterday?

    Welcome. :D
  8. I like the "tail bag"
  9. hello , thats a pretty good trip u made on the old postie well done and welcome
  10. welcome Winston
  11. Hi and welcome to NR
  12. Charlotte Pass! Great effort and nice pics too, did you alter the sprockets or does it scream everywhere at 80km/h?

    Welcome to NR.
  13. Nice bike... I think posties are very cool - a whole lot of character!

    I particularly like the milk crate!

  14. It's a MIKE crate!
  15. G'day mate and welcome.
  16. Cool stuff Winston. I'm sure you'll enjoy it around here.
  17. Welcome mate. Cant wait to hear of your Postie exploits!