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New member from Canberra

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by krayzie, Oct 11, 2011.

  1. Hi Guys,
    Ryan here from Canberra. New to site and just got my L's last Thursday.
    Just reading up on the info on what to look out for when buying a used bike.

    Right now I'm looking at the Honda's CB250, CBF250, VTR250, CBR125.
    However I'll visit a bike shop soon and try to see what I'm comfortable with.

    Preferably something cheap, easy to learn on and pass P's and also reliable. Hopefully there is a bike out there that satisfies all of the above as I don't want to spend too much on learner bike. But the bikes I described above seem to be in my price range.
  2. G'day Ryan, welcome to NR.

    Those all sound like solid choices, although the 125 might start to get a bit 'small' a bit quickly.
  3. Im in Canberra as well - hello
  4. Hi Ryan Welcome to NR, Nice place Canberra lived there for 4 years
  5. The VTR sounds like the key.
  6. Ryan welcome to NR, canberra? chat to Takamii for saftey gear if you havent bought any, got some good qaulity stuff...
    Bike wise, listen to Kneedragon!!
  7. LOL - thank you. That's only because I've done all the dumb things, krayzie. I know what happens.

  8. oh come on what would I know ?:)
  9. lol yeah yeah, just found an old pair of leather pants in a cupboard and reckon I can utilise the knee pads and hip pads you provided with your kevar jean Tak, so you see, you DO provide a good service whether we realise it or not!!
    Helmet is on the wish list, so might start to save the pennies!!
  10. Welcome to NR.
  11. Thanks for the welcome guys. I've got my eye on the vtr250.
    I have a couple of work mated that have been riding for decades so I can ask one of them to check out bikes with me.

    I don't have any gear yet but I have some info on the required aus standard for helmets and the EU standards for other gear.
  12. Also, how do you get the netrider forum to work on Tapatalk?
  13. #13 Tone2, Oct 12, 2011
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    Need to be a paid Member, not just registered. See membership on the menu on the left.
  14. the VTR 250 I was looking at is under offer. I wasn't after a Kawasaki Ninja 250R but I saw one come up at work so will be checking it out.
    I looked up reviews if it and it and they have been generally positive.
  15. Well I was going to stop in say hello with cash at the end of Nov. Should I rethink this ?
  16. LOL -- no I assure you I am legit and not only stand behind my gear but wear it and crash test it
  17. OK I will come and say hello with cash
  18. The bikes are going like hot cakes the Kawasaki 250r that I was going to look at got sold before I got there...
    I did visit the dealer today and sat on both vtr250 and the ninja. They actually felt the same in the show room.

    New cbr250 was looking good too but not within my budget...
    Anyway back to searching again...
  19. I shall await with coffee and sweet nom noms
  20. Now thats the Canberra warm welcome I am used. Almost thought you were one of those public servants. LOL