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New member from Canada

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by redtaco99, May 1, 2012.

  1. I'm a retired guy from Ottawa Ontario region of Canada who wants to go to your fine country and do tour from east to west, or maybe all the way round.

    I go to Jakarta every year to visit my brother who lives and works there, so its easy to grab a flight south for me. I did a bus tour of the west coast back in 2009 and in February I spent a couple weeks checking out Sydney, Ayers Rock and Cairns but I really didn't see the country side properly. I need a bike to do that.

    Here in Canada its now springtime and I recently took my BMW R1200GS out of its 6 month hibernation, so the riding season is just getting started for me. When the riding season ends here in October, I want to continue it down-under.

    I will be looking at my prospects for buying or renting a bike for a couple months down-under and if there is a way of getting it over to New Zealand too, that would be awesome. I'll be researching the various forums and asking questions.

    I hope to see you guys on the road one day...

    Rockland, Ontario Canada
  2. Hi Jim and welcome. The bike rental market here isn't as competitive as it is in the Northern American countries so for a couple of months you will probably save by buying a bike and then selling it once you have finished your trip. Doing the Australian loop is a great idea, a few riders here have done it at can probably advise on specifics. (Paging [MENTION=29591]stu_h[/MENTION]) Don't forget the ferry trip to Tasmania there is some beautiful riding country there as well.

    Regarding New Zealand, that's not a problem there are bike shipping companies who specialise in that. GetRouted is one that springs to mind but there are others.
  3. You Rang ?


    Like CJ said, Tasmania has some AWESOME roads to ride (especially west coast) and great scenery.

    And the east coast of the mainland is the KING for great roads.

    The "east to west" idea gets a little interesting, once you get past South Australia you have to contend with the Nullarbor plain, which includes the 90 mile straight.

    and up north it gets similarly straight in the Northern territory.

    Having said that there is great riding in Western australia, particularly in the southern end.

    I did the Great aussie lap in 2011, (check out the blog in the link in my sig) it was awesome fun , and I did it quite quickly (47 days)

    however, if you want great riding ... do the east coast, and then tassie.

    If you want an adventure.... do the LOT !

    It's a very safe place to ride, and even though there are some remote places, go prepared and you will be fine.
  4. Thanks guys for the great advice. I didn't think abt Tasmania but its an obvious destination and with a 3 month visa I should have the time. I've been looking at Stu's excellent blog of his trip last year and all I can say is wow! What a great trip. I'll be lurking and searching through various threads especially in " Roads, Touring, and Riding Diaries" and will formulate more questions on that forum to try to come up with a plan.

    Thx for the nice welcome to these forums

    near Ottawa Ontario
  5. Hi Jim,
    just a couple thoughts about doing the big loop:

    Keep in mind that the southern hemisphere summer is also the wet season in northern Australia. That doesn't make it impossible, but it does mean that it will be hot and steamy in the far north (I guess you know that from Jakarta?), and some roads can become impassable at times. Cyclone season too.

    Also, the interior and the north-west can be VERY hot (even the south at times).

    These are not reasons to stay away, just to be prepared.

    Tas and the alpine regions are usually great (when they're not on fire :) )