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New member from Brisbane

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Hotchips, Aug 2, 2014.

  1. Hi y'all. Looking forward to finally starting my journey to being a rider. took my time - mid 40's now. Never too late though. Looks to be a great online home for my exciting new adventure. Resources and advice abounds. Will be taking L test next week or two then booking the Q-Ride course. Then onto Bike shopping!

    Cheers all!
  2. Welcome mate. Similar situation here. Good luck with your Qride.
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  3. It's freakin exciting eh? Have done nothing else online for the last 5 days or so. I'm pretty obsessed right now.:notworthy:
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  4. G'day, Hotchips and Dave72, I'm 4 months in and loving it. Late 30s, ridden for years but not on road. Lots of helpful folks here, stickies are great reading.

    Hotchips, for the Ls I found the TMR practice questions on the net were helpful. Have a look at the general road ones too. A few strange q's 20 years on from getting the car licence 8-|
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  5. Good luck with the Qride. I found it pretty simple but I'm not looking forward to having to do all the slow ride stuff again. I'm off restriction on the 16th of August and have my assessment booked for the same day.

    Once you have your RE Open I recommend riding as much as possible. I gave up the work car and started riding to work because just leaving it to weekends means too many chances you can't get out (I'm early 40s and the family thinks weekends are for them).
  6. LOL at the families with weekends - spot on. I do plan to commute to work. Part of the reason for this is to stop giving the middle east all my hard earned via the bowser.
  7. Welcome, the bug has bitten by the sounds of it.
  8. welcome aboard :]
  9. Welcome to both of you! Of course, motorcycling might be cheaper on fuel, but it's much dearer on tyres and servicing, but we don't tell the family that!
  10. @Hotchips@Hotchips, are you hot? Or are you actually luke warm, shrivelled up and wrinkly?

    Welcome to Nutrider! :wacky:
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  11. Oh I'm hot baby...
    - like old school Milk Bar Take-away chippes bro. Hot, greasy, and delicious!:hungry:
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  12. In that case, it's a pity you're not a woman... ;)
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  13. LOL.
  14. hahaha love it :)
    Welcome HotChips! Hope to see you around sometime
  15. thanks.
    Is see you have a CB400 - can you please give a little review of your experience with it?

  16. Bwahahahahaha
    I don't do "little" anythings :)
    I have a very large blog thread on here detailing loads about my experiences on the bike and in riding in general.
    Essentially though, for me the CB400 is perfect. I'm short (5'2") and I can tippytoe it, or have one foot flat. It's meaty enough that I'm not going to get bored of it anytime soon. I love the naked look, and it's cheap to run and insure. It is quite heavy though - she weighs almost 3 times what I do... that scares me sometimes. When we're moving, no problems, but when I'm stopped at lights or parking etc, I feel a tad like a weakling :)
    I know absolutely nothing about motorbikes and engines and all that boy stuff so if you were after a technical review then I'm not your girl - there's loads of info in the relevant threads though if you wanted something more informative than the above. About all I know about the technical specs of my bike is where the petrol goes and how to put air in the tyres... I have an awesome mechanic and some amazing friends who help me out with all the other stuff!
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  17. Thanks. That is helpful. Price point is killing me with this model but I'll definitely be testing one out. I think I'll be restricted to the smaller 250's or possibly a kwaka ER5 / ER6n L. Other options are air cooled - which I am very suss about as Brisvegas gets rather warm for rather long periods.
  18. The CB400 is a great bike depending on what you intend to do (I've also got one). Basically it'll keep up with most and is very easy to ride in traffic, great commuter. I find it very sensitive to tyre pressure and of course it likes to be revved. Compared to the ER6n it has less torque low down and doesn't drive as hard out of corners but up top the CB400 will go harder (VTEC of course). The seat to peg dimension on the CB400 is fairly short, I'm 6ft and find that the position isn't that great after an hour or so. I've done 400k days on the CB400 though. The ER6n is more comfortable for a taller person.

    At highway speeds the CB400 is very smooth while the ER6n has a little bit of buzz in the bars and pegs. On the other hand any 250 is going to feel a lot busier at 105/110 but they can handle it well enough.

    Price - don't get too worried about getting ABS or not. I live in the wettest place in Australia, rode throughout the wet in traffic and haven't felt the need for ABS yet. The front brakes on the CB400 give great feel.

    CB400s start at $6,000 in Qld (import started in 2008) - it's a Honda so even with mileage you still aren't going to have issues.

    ER6nL from $7,250.
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  19. I am 184cm. So a bit on the taller side. I was really hoping to keep under $5k - I really need to unless I hold off for 6 months or borrow (only if I absolutely must). I might need to settle for something like a KLE500. liquid cooled 4 stroke, between $3-4k for second handers. I keep chopping and changing short lists. It will be great once I get to a shop and sit on a few.
  20. Welcome Mr Chippy.......... and borrow - the bank's got heaps of cash ;)