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New member from Ballarat, Vic

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by yenchy, Jan 5, 2015.

  1. Hey guys. I started riding a little over a year ago after some work mates finally convinced me to get my licence. I was reluctant at first as I am a car person and thought I always would be. But after a week or two of riding I am torn between the two.

    I ride a 2012 ninja 250r and it has been nothing but fun. Being a uni student it also helps me fulfil the lazy stereotype by not having to look for parking spots at the other end of the car park. >:O

    I have a passion for driving (and now riding) all the time and have done a few mountain drives with groups of cars and it doesn't compare to riding a bike through the twisties. So I thought I should join a fourm to both learn from more experienced riders and to have fun with like minded people.

    I can't wait to start meeting other members and enjoy the times I will have with this fourm. :woot:
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  2. Welcome Yenchy, I think I spoke to you in the March Netrider meet thread.
  3. Yes. That was me. ;)
  4. Welcome yenchyyenchy, great to have another 'Rat rider in the mix ;)
  5. Hey Yenchy, welcome from another 'Rat member (smaller 'Rat bit further west :))
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  6. welcome aboard yenchy :]
  7. Welcome to NR...