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new member from adelaide

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by xbenx, Dec 18, 2007.

  1. hey guys, just joined up. thought id follow the advice and say hello to all. i own an aerox 50cc. i love scooters and bikes. dont think ill go back to cars again.

    i live north, work north. and like to hangout city and south mostly! infact i spend most my time there.

    take it easy and enjoy the merry merry month
  2. Welcome to yet another crow-eater; and a scooterist to boot! have fun on Netrider :).
  3. Welcome!
    From another Adelaidean, heh.
  4. hey guys! good to see some adelaide members on here already!
  5. Welcome! Come along to one of our coffee nights to meet the gang! See the thread here!
  6. hiya :p and welcome
  7. G'Day Ben,
    How are ya? I reckon there's a few newbies on here from adelaide...i'm one of them :grin:
    Went to the coffee night last week with a mate, had a great time! For someone who doesn't actually own a bike yet....and doesn't really fit the scene just yet....i felt very welcomed! They're a great bunch of people.

    Happy riding buddy....and have a merry and safe christmas and new year!
  8. Oh no - another one !!!!!

    You can count me in as an Adelaidean, back into 2-wheel territory after a good 20 years and currebtly bikeless but about to order a new one!
    Looking forward to catching up at Scuzzi some time.
  9. sounds like you guys have a pretty friendly community happening. which is awesome to see. i feel very welcomed, even if it is only e-love!