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New member from Adelaide

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by VFRPaul, May 22, 2016.

  1. Hi ,
    My name is Paul and I have been riding for 52 years so I qualify as a real old fart.
    I have had lots of bikes but currently own 2 Honda VFRs. One of the is a 1995 Winfield racing replica VFR 750 which is my project bike for fiddling with. I have fitted a RC51 front end (USD forks) and Wilbers 641 rear shock, along with too many other mods to mention here.
    My other bike and "daily ride" is a 2014 VFR800 RC79 which is basically stock apart from an Akra and a few other bits and pieces


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  2. G'day and welcome, PaulPaul. Thanks for posting those photos - they are both beautiful examples of the VFR lineage! The Winfield racing replica is extraordinary to see - you must be very pleased to own it. Although I don't own a VFR (recently came close!) there'll be one in my future if I can help it.
  3. Hi Paul
    it's a great site and friendly people to boot, have fun :)
  4. Welcome VFRPaulVFRPaul, lovely bikes!
  5. welcome aboard :)
  6. gday VFRPaulVFRPaul and welcome to NR you ROF! they are beautiful looking bikes, you obviously take great care and take pride in their ownership. riding 52 years, outstanding!
  7. Hey Paul, welcome to Netrider from another Paul with a VFR!
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  8. Welcome to NR from.............................Adelaide. I would love to meet up for a ride one day. I have a real weapon of a ride...........a CB 250 RS
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  9. Welcome welcome each cool bike VFRPaulVFRPaul ....
    One ladie for each arm, no?
    At least you know what you like :)
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  10. Hi mate. I have a feeling we've bumped into each other in the hills. Me on a red Continental GT, my mate on a yellow 900SS...seeya around.