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New member from Adelaide

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by guska, Sep 10, 2015.

  1. Hey there guys/girls,
    guska here, and I've been using Netrider for a while as an information source, so I figured I'd better actually sign up.

    Got my learners just over a year ago (really should get onto getting my R-date) and bought a CBF250 as my first bike. After a service mishap last week (I derped and put the oil filter in backwards, RIP bottom end) I picked up a 2012, one owner, low km XVS650A yesterday.

    Being 6'5", and 125kg, the new girl suits me a bit better than the CBF (less olive-on-a-toothpick), and looks and goes a smidge better as well.

    Looking forward to meeting a few people, and possibly going for a cruise with some.

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  2. G'day and welcome to Netrider .
  3. Howdy and welcome to the forum guskaguska. Congrats on getting much more appropriately sized up bike. Spring is here mate, get off those L's!
  4. Hey Guska!

    Good call on the new bike; use the new-bike eagerness to ride a shitload and get your skills back up, then go get your reg-date! It's a very easy course!

    Let me know if you want to go for a spin up in the hills etc :)
  5. I ride daily, in all weather, I have driven my car maybe half a dozen times since getting my learners. It's not skill or confidence that's holding me back, it's affording/justifying the $370 the 1 day course costs.
  6. Yeah the $370 is a painful slug but don't bother trying to justify it, the reality is you don't have a choice, if you don't do it before the 2 years are up you'll have to sit for your learners again and that will cost you as well.
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  7. Well, yeah, that's a good point. A buddy at work and I were just talking about going and getting off the Ls together, so I'll be aiming for the next month or so.
  8. Welcome to NR..

    Nice bike you got.. I'm biased obviously..
  9. Thanks, I have an early finish today, so I'll take some glamour shots and figure out how to upload them. She's glorious! I take it you have one as well?
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  10. Oh yeah. Got one in 2011(brand new). They're very nice.

    Just finalised a trade-in yesterday and am picking up a FZ1N today afternoon so a bit sad to see her go.
  11. welcome aboard :]
  12. That should be a little more sporty for you!

    I went the long way home last night, and this thing clearly uses muscles that the old one didn't. My lower back muscles we're SORE this morning!
  13. Welcome....

    For interests sake, I just paid the Ridersafe Advanced course and it was only $312
  14. Welcome guskaguska!
    What's the meaning behind your username? I find it amusing since it means a"goose" in another language.

    Also, Adelaide riders are there any noob friendly rides being organised? I've seen how in other states forumers keep saying "come this Saturday to blah blah "...it would be cool if we could get something similar happening too.
  15. guskaguska did we cross paths at the gorge last afternoon? If it was your bike looked good. LeelooDallasLeelooDallas seems Adelaide riders mostly congregate through farcebook.
  16. what is this facebook you speak of
    Do you know any fb groups I could join?
  17. There are heaps, some big some less so. I ride with Adelaide Street Bikes fairly regularly; they're a pretty friendly group.
  18. It means "goose" in several Slavic languages. There is a story, but in the interest of keeping it family friendly, mistakes were made as a teenager, and someone called me a goose, which stuck as a nickname. When I ventured onto the internet, every forum or website already HAD a goose, so I embraced my Slavic heritage and went with guska.

    It's entirely possible. I pulled up for a smoke at the parking bay halfway up.

    Interesting, I had $370 in my head for some reason.
  19. Welcome to Netrider Guska!
  20. 20150913_115438.

    Here's my baby. Taken earlier today.
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