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New member from Adelaide - Hello!

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Muppeteer, Jan 15, 2007.

  1. Hi folks,

    I just got my L's on the weekend, and have been reading these forums for a couple of weeks. I've got myself a little Honda CM250, not the sportiest thing in the world, but it should do to begin with.

    I figured I had better say hi to everyone, and find out who is around in Adelaide to show me the ropes and to go for a ride!


  2. Well done Muppeteer on your L's and joining the forum.

    Lots of useful (and not so useful :wink: ) info to be had here.

    It doesn't matter what anyone rides, it's all about the experience and pleasure we gain from riding :)
  3. Well done

    Good to see you got your L's and Cruisingal is right - doesn't matter what you ride..
  4. Get ye and thou CM250 to coffee on Wednesday night.
    A hearty time is had by all.

    Welcome to NR and the world of motorcycling.
    We've got quite a few "L's" turn up each week.
  5. It's the beginning of lots of fun (and madness!) No escape now :twisted: Welcome.
  6. I would like to get down to the coffee nights on Wednesday, but I'm busy this week, so I will try and get down there soon!


  7. Welcome to the forums and riding Tim, hope you enjoy both.
  8. welcome to the brood :D
  9. Hi Tim, and welcome! You'll love it.
  10. Welcome Tim, enjoy the ride :grin:
  11. Thanks for all the warm welcomes folks. I look foward to getting to know you guys better and learning from you and enjoying the forum!
  12. welcome tim,

    good to see another L plater :D

    come out on teh wednesday as AF2AF3 mentioned.. theres always a few of us L platers there.

    welcome aboard and see ya next week... :D
  13. Hi Muppet. Good on you for the Learners & ya ride. Its still better than
    having to bloody driving around everywhere. :)