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New member, FNQ

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by WKD60, Jul 13, 2013.

  1. Hi All,

    Been stalking the site for a few months now, thought it about time I should introduce myself.

    My name's Mark, and I'm a noob. I've had by Learner's since 09, but never threw my leg over a bike in all that time until I finally bit the bullet and got myself on a Q-Ride course with Jay at NQ Ride back in May.

    Having never ridden before... It was a steep learning curve. Well, steeper than the other people on the course with me who had ridden before. Thanks to Jay, I had no dramas, and after completing the 2 day course, the very next day I went to my local Suzuki dealer to enquire about a LAMS SV650S.
    Well, without going into too much detail, I test rode a second hand SFV650. Rode it home, then back to the dealer... And after some number crunching, it became mine.

    2 and a bit months later, I'm loving the motorcycling lifestyle. Thoroughly enjoying the Gladius. Has saved me from insanity driving around in a Hyundai Getz, having owned 800HP XR6Ts and WRXs in the past.

    It's my work commuter, and weekend plaything. Easy to ride, heaps of torque from the V-Twin makes it a doddle. Very comfortable riding position (Did have to modify the seat however). And sounds great.

    When I picked it up:


    So, to make it mine it needs mods right?
    -Already had adjustable levers, saweeet.
    -First thing I did was to purchase some bar end mirrors, as the standard ones were terrible. Big ugly chrome things look like shit, and more importantly I could not see a thing behind me. New mirrors fixed that a treat.
    -Then picked up a paddock stand off a mate, and got some spindles off ebay. Make maintenance much easier.
    -Then decided to replace the exhaust, not so much for the sound, but more for aesthetics. The standard exhaust on the Gladius is... U G L Y. Did sound okay for a standard bike mind... So, cheap Dan Moto can from China fits the bill, and not excessively loud either. Sounds great when getting into it.
    -And finally, took the seat to a local upholsterer to sort out the comfort issue. (Rode the bike from Townsville to Cairns a couple of weeks ago, and after after 50 kays my arse was numb) Got him to add an inch of foam and voila, sorted.

    And that's pretty much it for now. Was planning on getting all the silver bits powder coated black, and doing a twin headlight conversion, but seeing as I might not be holding onto it for too long (see below), it'll stay as is.



    So anyway, that sums me up. Was planning to keep the Gladius for a few years by de-ristricting it in 12 mths time once I go back to Jay to upgrade to unrestricted licence. But with the new laws now, looks like I'll have to sell it and move onto something bigger. Liking the look of the yet unreleased Yami FZ09 or maybe a 848 Streetfighter.
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  2. Hi, welcome.
    I'm not sure whether there are too many riders here from up your way, but I'm sure we can appreciate your tales of beautiful, tropical rides!
  3. Welcome.

    Just curious, what do you mean in your last paragraph, new laws?
    I might be missing something but what's stopping you from de-restricting your bike when your off your restrictions?
  4. Thanks for the welcome guys.

    Clayton, from what I've read (I think on these forums?) QLD are modifying the laws so that LAMS bikes will no longer be able to be de-restricted and must remain LAMS certified?

    Is this not the case?
  5. That is also what I understood from discussion here, though I am not qualified to form a legal opinion myself.
  6. So who's this 'Pterodactyl' fellow who tagged my intro post as BS? What's that about??
  7. It's easier than intelligent comment apparently, wouldn't sweat it.

  8. Sure, I see. But now I look like a douche with a red bar under my name.
  9. Well you could also get into a turd slinging match, but what's the point. Go on and enjoy the site, ignore the wankers, this is the Internet after all.
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  10. Huh??? What tag? What bs word?

    I have browsed your post and thought it very informative And well written. Sure it's me. FNQ is my home turf so that's why I was interested.

  11. Bugger. My apologies, that should have been a "like" rating. Big finger small iPhone. I owe you at least one Bundy. :)

  12. No dramas, honest mistake. (y)