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New member Ex Instructor.

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by eckoor, Mar 13, 2013.

  1. My name is Eric and I have just resigned as an Instructor from Unanderra NSW due to differences with management on how we should treat trainees. I will miss teaching new riders and the social interaction but I heard that this site is pretty awesome for the information and assistance provided for all the riders out there so if there is anything that I can assist with please feel free to send a hello and burden me with your problems....To all my friends that I have helped into the world of motorcycling a big thank you for making the last few years a joy and a great memory.

  2. mate why have it stop with some bad management....if...IF you'd like to continue doing so in your spare time there are learner sessions run at homebush every sat that you could continue to help learners with....it's currently run by ozyoda whom has been devoted to it for a few years now god bless that bugger

    but that's your choice...not bothered by it - i will however say welcome and glad to have you aboard....what do you ride mate? and will you be looking to involve yourself in group rides through netrider aswell? just curious really.

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  4. Welcome friend. Hope you have fun here and maybe have fun helping others.
  5. Welcome to NR.
  6. Welcome mate. Well I hope there's another organisation that can take up your services, but in the mean time, there's plenty of riders looking for advice here.
  7. Welcome to the "noobcentric" world of Netrider, you're not Robsalv's alter ego are you?
    I stole that word from him by the way.
  8. hahahaha lol

    McS sometimes you're a funny man. :)
  9. welcome to NR Eric, i got my license a few years at Unanderra and thought you guys were great. Sorry to hear about Management and their potitics. Hopefully you can get the satisfaction from helping new riders on here... Enjoy the ride...
  10. Welcome mate.
  11. welcome eckoor. always good to see more experts on here.
  12. Seems like all rider trainers have an attitude problem.
  13. Really? Care to elaborate further on how this person has an attitude problem? Or are you merely making an inflammatory generalisation about someone you know bugger all about?
  14. Yes, yes we do :)
    And welcome mate, totally understand where your coming from. In QLD we trainers even get called bad influences off the government......
  15. Hi and welcome, Eric.


    While, to the user, most training organisations like to put on a "sweetness and light" facade, to the sub-contractors, who actually deliver the training, they can be a bit of a pain in the proverbial, at times.
  16. Welcome, if you can add to the body of knowledge, with expert opinions, that can only be a good thing.
  17. Welcome mate.

    Agreed.... I also got trained at unanderra by Lee and really enjoyed it. I even recommend it to people. That was 4 years ago though. There obviously things going on behind closed doors.

    Anyway, welcome again mate. Happy to hear your advice on things.
  18. Unandurra (sp) and Homebush are not the closest.

    The Botany/mascot centre needs new trainers from what I hear...
  19. Welcome mate. Hope to learn a lot from your experience.

    Just as a point of note, I also heard that HART in St Ives was looking for instructors. I know it's a bit of a trek from you, but just in case you are planning to move or don't mind travel.
  20. What do you mean "seems". It's a fact.:D

    There you go with the bad attitude. Loyalty man, loyalty.:ROFLMAO:

    BTW... Welcome Eric.:)
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