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New member - building own bobber

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Anita, Jan 28, 2015.

  1. My introduction
    Hello everyone. My name is Anita. I love taking things apart and I do try to put them back lol. We decided to build our own bobber and now have a finish date. We have 6 months to complete this. I'm very easy going or in my own world. My girlsfriends don't have the same excitement as I do about this build hence why I'm here.
    I could talk about me forever but I'll do that over time. I don't take much serious and I'm very direct. Look forward to what's to come.

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  2. Welcome aboard.
  3. Thank you
  4. Welcome to NR Anita .. looking forward to your progress shots!
  5. Can I post pictures on here?
  6. Hi Anita, Welcome to NR, good luck with the build, enjoy your time here and stay safe 'n' upright.
    Pics of the bobber when completed would be nice.(y)
  7. Welcome Anita.
    I think I saw your first ad on pcmc 6 mths ago.
  8. welcome aboard :]
  9. Welcome! Please do post pics, progress as well as completion. I'm sure there's a section around here especially for posting pics so there should be no problems starting a build thread there.
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  10. You can, but you have to post a certain number of posts first to prevent spamming. It's not many. 10 or something. Welcome aboard.
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  11. Just to clarify
    Hi uncle Greg
  12. Quite possible we live in point cook. I met a couple of members of pcmc at master's a couple of months back and do follow the group. Free free to pop past.
  13. Hi Anita, welcome to NR!
  14. Thanks DonJuan
  15. Welcome to the sane, sober, ordered world of Netrider :LOL:
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  16. Just to clarify, Uncle Greg did NOT say...... :LOL:
  17. Just to clarify I'm not blonde.......;-)
  18. ..................... just to clarify, you are a girl, right??

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