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New member & bike recommendations

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Lina, Jan 24, 2012.

  1. Hello, I'm a new rider & have just joined. Looking forward to connecting. Any recommendations on a cheap bike that's reasonably light and low to the ground and is not a cruiser?

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    Have a look at a GS500F.

    Welcome to the forums there is much to learn here
  3. have a look in Bikes For Sale!!

    and Welcome to NR

    where are you located?
  4. Welcome!
    How cheap is cheap for you?
    Do you have your L's or P's or ....? What bikes have you been on that feel like they "fit" your needs?
    You're off to a good start excluding a Cruiser.
  5. lots of female riders joining which is great

  6. oh and here is the official netrider male greeting

    " are you hot?"
  7. That's the spirit :)
  8. Dammit.
    Welcome Lina - cruiser, naked or sporty?
  9. hopefully naked
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  10. Hi Lina, Welcome to the forum.

    Ignore the boys. They're just playing and are pretty harmless. Just clearly not getting enough action at home :)
  11. Hi Lina, welcome to NR. I've got a Honda cbr 250 for sale if you are interested pm me.
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    Hi Jag 131990,

    Sounds like I big bike, but I'll check it out - thanks!

  13. Hi Coffee guru,

    Like your name! Already got a CBR 250 which I love but it's a bit tall for me and effecting my confidence so I'll looking for another lower bike.

  14. Hi Goddie,

    I've been checking them out. Looking at CBR 125cc, new CB 125cc or CF Moto 150cc.

    I'm in Templestowe.

  15. Lina, if you have a bike, find out if you can lower it!! PM streetmaster, he is one of us here, he is a mechanic as well, can you ride your bike safely? I mean with confidence? If you can, come down to sat morn prac sessions, try and organise to meet streetmaster there and talk to him about it, alot cheaper to lower yours [if possible] then selling your bike, buying a [smaller cbr125?? I woudlnt personally]
  16. HI NSSherlock,

    I hope I'm doing this right, haven't used a forum before. I want to spend max $2.5K. Already have a CBR 250 but need a smaller bike. Like the sports bike but considering VTR style but too $$. So considering CBR 125, CB 125 or CF Moto 150. On my "L's".

  17. Thank you. Yes I'm hot and so is my husband! lol
  18. Thanks. Ideally sporty but might need to grow into that. So looking at naked too but not cruiser.

  19. Hi Aly,

    Mmm obviously - lol.:)

    Thank you!

  20. Hi lina, is your cbr a current model? As they are taller than the old ones. I would try lowering it first before you downgrade to a 125.