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New member / bad day

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by David@DHill, Oct 3, 2013.

  1. Heyall ... my first post ... I wish it was going to be a happier one.

    Bought my first ever bike last week - a little CFmoto learner. I plan to get a real bike once I'm off the P's - although I guess everyone says that.

    Much of my time riding has been practicing u-turns and stops in Ikea's huge empty car park. On the streets, I've found car drivers to be really thoughtful once they spot the 'L' plate. Not one person has honked at me after the occasional stall at lights!

    So today I felt confident enough to go for a long spin through the city and up the old Pacific Highway, to that pie cafe above Brooklyn which gets mobbed by riders on weekends. The pie was excellent, although the coffee wasn't so good.

    As I left to come back to Sydney the heavens opened, even some small hail, so I pulled over waited until it eased (hail makes a funny sound on a helmet). Once I started up again, I noticed the road was slippy and the bike felt slightly unstable - it really unnerved me, so I slowed up a lot and took the corners very gently. But then I had a ute come up behind me who was incredibly impatient and sat right on my tail (that road is all double-middle lines, so he couldn't overtake). Feeling pretty intimidated, I made a huge error - instead of ignoring him, I moved to the side of the lane and with my right hand went to signal him to go past me ... BUT when the front wheel came onto the white line at the roadside, it seemed to lose traction ... and since I'd taken one hand off the handlebars ... the bike went out from underneath me. I was only doing about 30-35.

    The ute had already partly pulled out to pass me, so thankfully I wasn't in any danger of being hit by him. Incredibly, he (or her) didn't stop! I still can't believe he kept going, when I'd been trying to do the right thing.

    I'm feeling sore now but amazingly there's no broken skin. Thank f--k the salesguy at the dealership talked me into buying a pair of kevlar jeans, or I'd have a lot of skin gone off my right leg leg.

    The bike came out of it worse than me. I was able to ride it home, even though the headlamp points to one side. I'll take it to a smash repairer tomorrow.

    I'm gutted ... I crashed my new bike only one week in. :(

    Of course, I'll get over it. This time next year I'll be laughing about it, I hope!
  2. Live and learn, one week into riding and heading for the old road on a rainy day not wise.
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  3. Shit ey! Bad start. I had a wet drop when I was first learning. Came unstuck due to a small metal hydrant in a corner. You'll learn to watch the road surface like a hawk.

    I wouldn't be surprised if the ute didn't even notice you if they were part you when you fell.
  4. You'll be fine. Soon you will tell the same story and have a laugh about it. Now the bike has a few scuffs on it you will be less nervous about dropping it.
    Get a nice bike when you have upped the skills a bit.
  5. Yes, and that's actually the reason I went for a cheapie. I figured that no matter what state it's in after I've had it 2 years, having cost only $2500 to buy new, I'll have definitely got my money's worth.
  6. Welcome to the asylum(y)
  7. When asked the advise I give to learners whether it's a car or bike is to pull over when in doubt. Take a minute to relax and when you're up to it continue on.

    Welcome to netrider.
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  8. Sorry to hear about your off, but it's going to be something you'll put into your bag of experience.

    Good to hear you didn't hurt yourself also. Some battle scars on the bike yeah, but that just adds to the character of it.
  9. Yep, white lines are slippery :p also, tram lines, and those little squiggly black lines in the road that have been patched up- learnt that the hard way!

    Good luck, and welcome! :D
  10. A little lesson on riding your own ride. I know you were trying to do the right thing, but I would have suggested just pulling over and letting the ute sort itself out. At least you didn't speed up because of it.
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  11. I'm feeling cheered up. Thanks.

  12. No worries, we are all fellow travelers. Glad you are Ok.
  13. Subhuman who doesn't stop at the scene of an accident and see if everyone is OK. At least it was a nice tame off, you had the right gear, and you upped your experience quota in the rain! Good on ya for pushing the boundaries and getting out there. Some people with a week under their belt would still be doing blockies....
  14. I've only been riding for 4 years now but every day in rain, hail and shine. In the wet keep your wits about you, don't be afraid of it because the only way you learn to ride in the wet is actually doing it, you only had an experience you can learn from. Don't let it scare you from riding again.
  15. Oh man, I've never seen bruising like down the side of my leg. It's all black and purple. (I'd post a pic but I'm sure it'd get a tonne of replies with "that's not a bruise, now here's a real bruise".) :D
  16. I can only echo the comments already made, especially the ones about pulling over and letting people pass. Live and learn, and again, thanks to good gear you're ok!
  17. It's sort of like buying your first ever lotto ticket and winning a few bucks, from then on your hooked but it rarely ever happens again.
  18. Those white lines ended Mick Doohans career,there a lot less slippery on tracks these days.Good lesson to learn early,road surface is absolutely critical on a bike.
    Observe but don't stare,the next lesion is avoiding target fixation.You go where you look so take care not to look to hard at what you don't want to hit.Becomes second nature after a while.
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  19. Welcome to the fold!

    Just passed my P test after the mandatory 3 months (plus 5 days).

    I had a terrible situation 5 days into my L's where I was assaulted. I'm so glad to see you're back on it. That's absolutely key.

    What others have said - let the idiots pass by pulling over. Never, ever put yourself in a situation where you're uncomfortable or pushing your skills , particularly for some one else.

    That being said you did attempt the right thing for yourself by getting him off your ass. Maybe not the best way, but the correct mind set.

    If you'd like to go for a ride let me know. I'm north shore and happy to cruise with you! My roomie just moved from NZ and bought himself a CB 125E as he has his NZ L's . We did the old road yesterday and he enjoyed it, despite being underpowered.

    Throw me a PM if you'd like to go for a ride. :)