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New member around newcastle

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by Sgtmax, Apr 25, 2016.

  1. Hey guys new member here. Just got my Ls and looking for a bike to buy. Have had a lot of experience growing up on dirt bikes and would like one with a fair bit of go in it as I weigh around 105 and am 6'4.

  2. Can anyone recommend me a bike that has pretty good power and would likely be comfortable?
  3. Welcome to NR..

    Try the Honda CB400
  4. Hey there Sarge, welcome to SR.

    Noting your height a lot of the LAMS bikes you would probably fit on comfortably would be towards the upper spectrum of cc size.

    Have a look at his site:

    Motorcycle Ergonomics

    This may help shorten your list when you nut out some finalists. Good luck.
  5. welcome aboard :)
  6. Welcome to the forum mate
  7. DRZ400SM or cb400 as mentioned above.

    The DRZ should be comfortable for you in terms of seat height and dirt bike ergos as you expand your experience on the road, paying attention to road rules etc
  8. Welcome SgtmaxSgtmax. Maybe for your size you could get a DR650. I know the ones up to 2014 are LAMS approved, latest models probably are too but you'd have to double check. Another good choice considering your dirt experience is the DL650 Vstrom LAMS version. Would give you good road and decent off road.
  9. Thanks alot guys really appreciate it.
  10. Anyways guys Iv ended up going with a Yamaha xvs 650 custom. Got a pretty good deal on a 2012 model with a lot of good extras so will be picking it up Monday! Thanks for all your comments