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New member and new rider

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by stewy, Jun 22, 2005.

  1. Hey guys, thought i better intorduce myself as i found this site a couple of weeks ago while looking around for bike information. Get forums and have already found alot of good advice (keep up the good work!)

    Anyway got my learner a week ago now and been slowly buying all my riding gear, now that i have all the safety gear the next purchase will be the bike. I am currently looking for a zzr-250 as i want to use it to commute to work and also hoping to get out on the weekends for a few rides. Only problem is there seems to be a major lack of quality zzr's on the market atm. :? All the ones i have looked at lately have either been leaking oil, poor maintaince and or been dropped. Now i was looking to spend between 3000-4000k (private sale) but am not sure if this will get me a clean and hassle free zzr. :shock: What do you guys think?

    Am also considering getting a bike shop to do a presale inspection, as i know a bit about cars but bikes are still fairly new to me. What do you guys think about these inspections? Worth the money and where would you take it? Am located in Knox but work out in Dandenong.

    Any feedback would be great.

    Cheers stewy 8)
  2. welcome mate

    your chance to pick up a bargain
    action motorcycles is closing down
    flemington rd
    near the big round about at the top of elizabeth st oppisite the dental hospital

    they will be running bikes out cheap
    saturdays there last day , could save major $$$$

    they have a lot of 250 in stock last time I ws there
  3. Welcome stewy :D . :D
  4. groberts03 is there final day this saturday?
  5. Welcome Aboard Stewy! :D
  6. welcome :)

    I wouldnt worry too much if a 250 has a few scratches since you're only going to keep the bike for a year and probably drop it a few times yourself

    btw I happen to be selling a zzr-250 for a friend. it was my first bike before him and has been a great learner bike for both of us. he wants around 3300, PM if you're interested
  7. stewie, sounds like you've got your head screwed on straight there :wink:

    gear first is the smartest way to do it, the ZZR is a great first bike, reliable, comfy and economic and your $3-4k should be plenty to get a decent one. keep up the good work :D
  8. Welcome to the zoo

    Cheers 8)
  9. thanks for the welcomes and advice guys, am sure as the search goes on i will have some more questions

    Androo you have a pm
  10. disregard that pm as i can't send them yet.

    just found the for sale section with the bikes info

    cheers stewy
  11. hey stewy..

    never ridden a zzr but they look like they are in between the across and cbr/zxr in comfort level..

    i havnt yet got sore or stiff from my zxr though.. i commute 4 days a week..
  12. gday stewie, welcome mate
  13. Welcome Stewy.
    3-4k will get you a decent bike no worries. However, when buing a 2nd hand 250 the question is not whether it has been dropped but more realisticly, "How hard?" You know the answer to the first question so you may as well ask something that might get an honest answer. :wink:
  14. Welcome mate. :)

    :D :D
  15. G'day Stew, welcome aboard!

    The ZZR250 will be awesome fun for your ride to work, I'd even ride to work on my day off with one of them!! (well I would regardless of what bike)

    If you don't plan to keep it for too long (and you wont once the thirst for a bigger engined bike hits) then the scratches may not matter, unless it affects resale value when its time to move on.

    You could consider freighting a bike from another state but you'd have to really either go up there and have a look or just try your luck. The latter is very risky.

    There are a few good examples in the Canberra and NSW area, bikesales.com should have quite a few...