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New member already breaking rules :)

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by markus.readus, Jan 14, 2014.

  1. Hi All,

    My first post was not in this section... sorry. I'm new to Australia, arrived from the UK in September. Didn't think I was going to leave York (UK) for a long time, then applied for a job over here and got it! Suddenly you're on the other side of the world. I'm here with my wife, and it looks to us like a good way of getting around Sydney, and NSW, would be on motorbikes. A load of kit and one CB250 later (already dropped...) we are on the road.

    We both love Sydney, for me the climate is perhaps the most amazing thing. Here's hoping we'll be here for many years to come!

    Looking forward to seeing you all on the roads soon...

    Cheers, Mark
  2. Welcome Mark,

    Cheers Jeremy
  3. gday mate, i was in yorkshire for 3 weeks last june nice place
  4. There ya go, welcome aboard. Use the search function to read up on the topics that interest you and if you cant find the answer ask away, you'll find the place quite friendly mostly :)
  5. welcome aboard I see you made it in time for the cricket :)
  6. Two useful forums to begin with, "New Riders, riding tips" and "Bike reviews, questions, suggestions".
    Oh and happy to discuss the cricket any time you like.
  7. Hahaha. Thankfully I dont like cricket! Just as well, because I've heard we're not doing so good. Not really a problem for me though, Australians seem to be happier when they're beating the English, and these days I see more of the former than the latter. "Go Australia!" as far as I'm concerned.

    Yorkshire is lovely, moreso in summer than winter. Last winter we hit -15 degrees. Sydney is positively tropical by comparison :) Where did you go, Uncle Greg?
  8. york hull up to whitby isle of man brugge paris london brighton all by public transport, it was exsorsting.
  9. Yeah that sounds pretty exhausting! You saw some nice places though (and Hull, which isn't in the same league). I went to Brugge once with the wife, its fantastic! There's a film called "In Brugge" which is pretty incredible too :)
  10. yeah wife likes that one 2 , we realy enjoyed hull angies father was from there
  11. Eh up!
    Welcome to Sydney :)
  12. EVERYBODY is happier beating the English. :)

    It's just a sad mistake in geography that folk up north in England aren't counted as Scottish. ;)

  13. You hailing from the UK, Ness?

    I'm glad we're such an enjoyable land to beat! There's few sports I actively follow. Squash, sadly the English have got the measure of Australia on that one, and rugby - I prefer the Aussies in this one. And the All Blacks have a habit of stuffing people in a way no one else does. Very impressive to watch!
  14. The All Blacks are awesome. Nearly as awesome as the Wallabies. The kiwi's do give us a run for our money on just about every sport. Amazing for their population.

    Friend's of mine come from Blackburn (he cries often about the Rovers??) and Berry. They sound a little like you. :)

  15. A good few years ago, Australia hosted a World Cup of Rugby, can't remember what kind of rugby, but, it doesn't matter.

    Almost any place you bought stuff from offered the chance to win tickets to a World Cup rugby match.

    I was terrified! :eek:

    Knowing my luck I'd win tickets to see the US playing England, and I worried about who I could barrack for..... maybe the referee. :)
  16. Markus

    Welcome to Sydney. I'm in the same boat you're in mate! Arrived in September from South Africa and also loving it!

    Dropped the bike already?
  17. I think its astonishing and truly impressive how good NZ are at sport given their comparatively small population.

    Hi GeorgeO, yeah its a beautiful city, I can see us staying here for the foreseeable future! My wife has dropped the bike, from a standstill no less... So far I'm good, though plenty have advised that its only a matter of time. I dont know, perhaps. What I do know is that I'm old enough not to be riding like a hoon, so perhaps I can get by with not crashing/dropping. Time will tell!