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New member - Advice on insurance

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Dirty Dog, Sep 12, 2005.

  1. Hi Boys and Girls

    I am brand new to the site and am wanting some much needed advice on insurance...

    I am 23 Male in Qld, This comming weekend im going for for open bike licence through Q-Ride and was hoping to start bike shopping as soon as the licence was ofically sorted.

    I was wanting to look at getting at most a 600 or there abouts BUT.......

    Problem being is im getting some big insurance quotes back ! Is this because of my age or is all bike insurance expensive ? I have been driving for 6 years with a very clean record and no insurance claims.

    3rd party property is cheap as chips but full comprehensive is a killer !

    Thanks for any and all advice you may have.


  2. Comp isurance is always expensive for bikes because it covers theft. Anything that can be picked up and put on a ute is considered easy to steal and the value makes them desirable to steal so up go he premiums. If you choose a sports bike it will be higher due to the desirability to thieves and the crash risk associated with the extra power.

    The choice is yours when it comes to deciding. I have 3rd party but my bikes only worth 3k. If it were worth 10k it'd be a different story.

    Welcome to the forum :)
  3. Welcome to the forums Dirty Dog!

    The clincher is your age. Your under 25, that would be why your premiums are huge, also because you would be looking at insuring a 600cc bike. Smaller capacity may be cheaper. Also if you are not a rating one cage driver it would also effect your quote. Ring around is my advice, but my guess is you'll be paying through the nose. Good luck!
  4. Thanks for the input.

    I have been doing some ringing around and what a differance.

    NRMA my normal insurer wanted $1400+ and Suncorp was only $756 !

    Still not cheap exactly but at least its a lot cheaper than the first quote.

    Let the games begin !
  5. $1400? Cheap. I got quoted $3000 for a new 600, and I'm 22. :p
  6. DD, did you ask Wetern QBE??
    I've heard some good feedback about their rates.
  7. ring AAMI 13 24 24 (from memory)

    my bike 92 CBR250RR insured for 4300 full comp - 362 tp - 82

    i got full comp and am happy. full comp for my car which is worth 5500 is something like 1500

    depends on what bike i suppose
  8. I will have to ring QBE back as they would not give me a quote or even an estimate because I dont hold a motor bike licence YET....

    I am doing Q-Ride tomorrow and going straight to an open licence.

    I will be sure to give AAMI a look in to.

    The bike we be ordered next week and the lowest bidder will win.

    I am ordering a brand new Hyosung 650R in black. Im going out on bit of a limb with this bike but i hear decent things about them and for less than $10k ride away im pretty happy.
  9. Thats interesting not_sane...l have the same bike and when l rang AAMI last week they told me they dont insure CBR's because they are an import

    I have heard of a few people tell me in the past that they wont touch them

    So be very careful...if there taking your money chances are at the end of the day they wont pay out