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New member. Advice needed

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Krooza, Aug 10, 2005.

  1. Hi everybody. I've just past my learners test and can't wait to get out on the road. I've picked up all the gear so far (helmet, gloves, jacket & pants) but now I'm up to the point of finding a bike. I've been told the CBR250RRs are a good learner bike, and I like to sports look. 8)

    All the buying guides mention looking at friends bikes and taking an experienced rider with you when shopping. My problem is I don't know anyone with a bike. I've got friends who want to get bikes, but none have got round to doing anything yet.

    So I'm left here by myself not knowing what to look at, what's good and even how to buy a bike. Having only ever ridden a bike during the learners course, I'm not sure how I'll go taking bikes out for test rides. I'd be to nervous to have time looking at how the bike handles and I'd probably drop it with sweaty hands. And if I do end up buying, how do I get it home. I'm not ready for main roads yet. :shock:

    Surely there have been other people in this situation, so if anyone has some advice I would greatly appreciate it.

  2. Go to the Coffee Night on Friday and start asking your way from there; you can't go wrong!!!
  3. Failing that, read this...

    Find yourself a model that you like, and keep your eye on the classifieds, www.bikesales.com.au and the For Sale forum here. Have a chat to the guys either at Coffee, or just on here. I'm sure if you PM someone who looks like they've got enough experience and know's what they're talking about, they'll PM you back. You can also look on the LHS for the bike they're riding. If you look under my pic, you'll see 1988 Honda CBR 250R.

    If you're nervous about taking a bike for a test ride, get onto one of the learner companies. HART or Stay Upright should be able to help you with getting comfortable on a bike. Even if you get your L's before you buy the bike, you'll still know what's comfortable.

    Most importantly though, make sure you're not pressued into buying anything. But the bike that feels best beneath you, and buy something that'll look after you. If need be, take it to a mechanic before purchase, and get them to check it over for you :)

    Happy riding :)
  4. I was in the exact same situation as you when i brought my CBR not 3 weeks ago, the best thing i can suggent is do the test ride yourself i know that sounds daunting I felt the same way but if you just get there early and prepare yourself properly it should be fine and it really gives you an idea of wether the bike is for you or not. (I didn't get the bike over 50km on my test ride but i still realised it was the one for me).

    There are some helpful guides here i found them great for looking over the bike and asking the right questions, i just used them as a checklist



    Also if you don't know anybody personally to look over the bike for you see if you have any friends of friends that might be able to do it thats what i did.

    Prehaps if you don't want to ride it home you could get the owner to drop it off for you and then give them a lift back in the car (If you have one)

  5. What and where is Coffee Night?
  6. You JUST beat me to it. Damn you LOL
  7. aaah, how glorious it is to be unemployed and be able to surf the forum with a clear conscience!
  8. much more glorious to be paid while surfing the forums :) - who cares about conscious.

    As for bikes - sit on many and see what they feel like. I am sure if you ask really nicely there would be someone in your area who would be willing to go out with you when you think you found a good bike for you. Most netriders like bikes, like looking at bikes, like sitting on bikes, like riding bikes, etc. I am sure one will find some time to do all that to help out a fellow rider. Depending where you go looking I would be happy to meet up with you - Ringwood, Dandenong, and generally the SE areas would be easy for me to get to.
  9. Hi, and welcome to the boards.

    First of i can't really help you in inspecting any bikes, as still very new to them myself, the only advice i can give you there is get a pre-inpestion done on the bike before you buy it and one thing my uncle told me before i bought mine was make sure the rwc cert. is done at a BIKE GARAGE. Not a CAR GARAGE, as i was informed there is alot of things car garages don't check where if it's done at a bikes garages they should know what to check. As for getting the bike home, if you don't want to ride it home (don't blame you, i didn't want to either) send me a pm, and i have a trailer, and don't mine going out and picking it up with you.

    cheers stewy
  10. Yeah Boz, there's a lot of dealers in Ringwood. Would you recommend private sales, or maybe going to dealers to get an idea first?
  11. Hi Krooza and welcome. Congrats on getting your L's and ditto on what every one else has said.

    :D :D
  12. Welcome!

    You have an invaluable resource right at your fingertips. If you post that you've found a bike you'd like to look at and you would like some assistance, put up a post asking if anyone can help! If you have no luck there, I think the RACV do a bike inspection, or possibly a mechanic in the area will help out too.

    Don't just buy the first bike you see....take your time and make sure it's checked out first. Sadly, there are a lot of people out there who'll take advantage of inexperience.

    :D :D :D
  13. Private sales are usually cheaper etc. However, to get some experience of sitting on bikes going to a dealer is a great opportunity. Go to a dealer, have a look at some bikes, sit on them, even test a few out if you want. After you then select the bike for you, then check out private ads and see what is available, and the difference in cost, etc. (best if you have a few bikes that will suit - perhaps a #1 pick and 1-2 backups)

    Sumoto is a great place to check out bikes as they always have a range of 250's. Though lots of people will recommend not buying from them, to have a sit it is good (they may be reluctant to allow test rides too).

    regardless of private or dealer - make sure it comes with a RWC before you buy it. Don't let them say "it only needs a new front tire for RWC" - may turn out to be much more!
  14. Krooza wrote

    Firstly , welcome to the forum . Now enough has been said about the bike aspect so i'll leave that alone . Top marks for getting the gear first but dont stress yourself out about test riding a bike or riding one home , that will only help in increasing your panic and might result in an off . Take you time test riding , there's no hurry , sit on the bike for a few minutes while it's running if that will help relax you . (or get drunk , JK) In a nut shell , relax , be aware of whats around and enjoy the freedom :D :D
  15. Don't forget to buy boots!
  16. Bah. Boots?

    Everyone knows you can still change gears and use the rear brake with your ankle stubs! ;)
  17. I've been told I have good, strong ankle stubs.
  18. LOL

    Well, that's a good thing ;) :p
  19. My advice on buying a bike from a dealer or private sale is to have the thing inspected by a profesional motorcycle mechanic. I was in the same boat as you. No mates who rode bikes who could check one out for me. I bought my across via an inspection service and came away from the deal with a bike that was cheaper than I expected and mechanicly sound. For the money they charge its worth it. I have the details of a company in Melbourne that inspected my across. PM if you want there number.